Our yard is completely fenced with a locked gate. How is our meter being read?

The numbers on a gas meter are clearly visible from six to ten feet away. And, by noting the position of the dial indicators, an experienced meter reader can accurately read an gas meter from as far away as twenty feet. We also provide binoculars and/or monoculars for readings beyond the range where the dials are not clearly visible.

Most meters are easy for us to reach, but a few offer a considerable challenge. Wood piles are sometimes placed in front of the meter, locked gates sometimes stand in the way, overly protective dogs don’t let us near, and we’ve even had cases where a remodeling project has enclosed the meter inside the house!

You can’t receive an accurate bill if your meter can’t be read. Please be considerate and provide safe, unobstructed access to the meter. If you have a locked gate or a dog that may pose a threat to a meter reader, contact our Customer Service Department so we can make arrangements for reading your meter.