2022 Broad St. Film Fest

The Broad St. Film Fest is a gathering of storytellers and audiences seeking new adventures, experiences, and perspectives. Our program includes various genres of short films such as comedies and documentaries, ranging from high school, college, and professional submissions. Hear from filmmakers and speakers through panel discussions and Q&As. The BSFF Team created this festival in efforts to help City of Sugar Hill continue transforming into a hub for art, culture and entertainment.

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Read more about the selected films below:

Documentary Shorts

Amber’s Halfway Home

A day of rescue in the fields and dog pounds of western Tennessee

Amber Reynolds runs her nonprofit, the Halfway Home Animal Rescue, in Greenfield, TN, a tiny farming community hidden somewhere between Nashville and Memphis. At a glance, Greenfield is pastoral, beautiful even. But underneath idyllic scenes of meandering creeks and cotton fields, is a raging problem of too many unwanted animals.

In Amber’s Halfway Home, a film crew follows Amber for one day. During that day, she rescues 19 dogs. Some are dumped on the roadside and left to survive on their own. Others are living in unhealthy conditions at the unregulated and pitifully funded shelters. Watch as one woman saves these homeless animals from certain death.

Amber’s Halfway Home is an exploration of the conditions at government-funded shelters and the consequences of ignoring our country’s homeless animals. But, it’s also a celebration of a woman battling for change in her Southern community, a warrior who saved 2000 dogs in one year.

Melissa Armstrong, Jason Pidgeon – Directors Amber’s Halfway Home

Melissa Armstrong lives outside of Nashville, TN and is the author of Catching Dawn. She has been independently rescuing strays for over fifteen years. From 2013-2015 she fostered and trained 30 dogs for a local nonprofit. Melissa walks with her husband Mason and their four mutts in rural Tennessee.

Jason Pidgeon lives in Charlotte, NC. When he isn’t editing features for ESPN, he’s traveling with his wife Honora and their three rescue dogs. Jason loves adventure, and he’s found it all over the globe, from chasing cherry blossoms in Japan, snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef to surfing in Costa Rica to salmon-fishing in Alaska. Although his expertise is editing, he’s also an animator, designer, journalist, and videographer. He graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.


Becoming Black Lawyers

When these five Black lawyers set out on their journeys to receive a professional legal education, they did not realize that they would have to struggle against additional battles even more challenging than the rigors of learning the law in a hypercompetitive environment. They discover the contradictions of studying in an institution that idealistically represents “justice” for all.

Evangeline M. Mitchell – Director Becoming Black Lawyers

Evangeline M. Mitchell is a lawyer, author and publisher, social entrepreneur, non-profit founder, and documentary filmmaker. She is a graduate of HBCU Prairie View A&M University, the University of Iowa College of Law, and the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. She is currently completing her Certificate in Documentary Arts from Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies and her Certificate in Film & TV Industry Essentials from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in Houston, Texas, she currently resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts with her family.


Music Videos

Dalby Angelic

This song is an expression of love from a scared and doubtful perspective. Love is often considered a foreign concept to people who have been hurt by it or have trouble allowing themselves to get attached. ‘Angelic’ is a confession of sorts; but it is also a warning to themselves and their partner about what they are fearful of when it comes to a romantic relationship. It is important to acknowledge that there are always going to be good and bad things in a relationship and it is equally as important to learn to embrace it all.

Video Rahim – Director Dalby ‘Angelic’

Director Video Rahim has been making music videos and filming music events for over 20 years. He’s worked with artists like Beastie Boys, Cee-Lo, Ciara, Mos Def, Mastodon, and the Gorillaz. Over the past years his attention has turned to showcasing some of the best of Atlanta’s music scene. He’s also documented The Roots, Dave Chappelle, Kanye West, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Sleepy Brown, and the rest of the Dungeon Family for multiple music documentaries. On tour with the Beastie Boys he was dubbed as Video Rahim because whenever he was around he always had his video camera in hand. He’s also worked with Sugarhill Gang, Lil Wayne, The Killers, Blackberry Smoke, Biters, Curtis Harding, EarthGang, and so many more. While agency work often times pays the bills, his passion lies in working with music artists whether it’s documenting live shows and festivals, creating music videos, and even visuals for concerts.

Apples and Soda Pop

Despite the efforts of their parents, kids will happily devour any junk food they can get their hands on. Follow a young boy’s musical adventure through dreams of sugar, chips and chocolate while his parents remain oblivious to his efforts.

Eric LaBossiere, Riel Foidart – Directors Apples and Soda Pop

Between 2016 and 2020, members of The Mailman’s Children, Justin Lacroix Band and The Mission Light teamed up to record a total of 23 original songs. In 2020, the resulting and emerging new Pop Rock band took on the name of Hello Fiasco™. The band is considered Canadian-American because four of its members currently live in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), while lead singer and rhythm guitarist Eric LaBossiere lives in Helena, Montana (USA).

Hello Fiasco™ went on to commission Riel Foidart in producing an animated music video for their song Apples and Soda Pop. Riel is a Winnipeg based independent animator who previously worked on small projects within the community.

Roman Pilgrim

Roman Pilgrim, and his faithful dog Blue, leave the town of Hope in search of Roman’s lost voice. Along the lonely road, they bed down at Wishful Creek where they encounter a Spirit Guide who dances with Roman’s soul.

Anny Slater – Director Roman Pilgrim – The Tale of Wishful Creek

Anny’s collective film work was recently honoured by the Australian Government by inclusion in Australia’s National Collection held at the National Film and Sound Archive.

Anny was personally chosen by Oscar winner Michael Moore to screen her film THE BALL at his Traverse City Film Festival and to teach at Mike’s film school in Michigan – which she did to rave reviews.

She was commissioned by Sony Pictures International to write, direct and produce her original animated BARNEY the White House Terrier series for Sony Pictures’ mobile network and sell through to TV. She consulted on the European tour of the musical “The Merchants of Bollywood” and produced two TVc’s featuring BARNEY which aired to 30 million on Comcast in the lead up to the 2008 US elections. Her work has included freelance writer for the Australian TV sketch show COMEDY INC – The Late Shift.

The BARNEY series played at the Boston Comedy Festival alongside the comedy of Denis Leary and Lewis Black and played in Canada on the same bill as Gwyneth Paltrow’s directorial debut and an animation by Aardman Animation.

Her live action Australian political comedy THE BALL qualified for nomination in the best live action short category of the Academy Awards, was nominated for a United Nations Media Peace Prize and won a Christopher Wetzel comedy award from Chicago’s Gene Siskel Center. The film screened at more than 60 film festivals around the world and was sold to Australian TV and released on DVD in Europe.

She was recently part of a select group of theatre directors chosen to direct plays at the National Short & Sweet theatre festival. Her play won a People’s Choice Award.

She directed and produced to rave reviews two Woody Allen one-act plays, “Death” and “God”, at Sydney’s Tom Mann Theatre. As a result of the success of the plays she was mentored through a WIFT mentor scheme with Mark Lazarus of Foxlcon.

Anny lives and works in Sydney, Australia and holds Bachelor degrees in Science (Applied Chem) and Laws and a Masters Degree in Arts. She is a graduate of AFTRS.


Student Produced


Film from a garage sale erases the subjects from the photographs, and in real life too.

Clarissa Rosen – Director Sparire

Clarissa Rosen is a junior in high school at Marlborough. Her interest in filmmaking stems from five years of photography, which she actively pursues. Within photography, she explores forms of mixed media and works on a conceptual level to comment on societal conditions. In regards to writing and directing, Clarissa aims to write stories that will impact an audience: writing stories from her own youth and experiences, and exploiting both people’s fears and joys through a character. Her passions in photography impact her filmmaking as her camera work, new means of coverage, and exploring new ways of communication through the camera are always of high priority.

Four Walls

When a high school girl becomes consumed by the four activities that govern her life, she forces herself into an isolated, never-ending continuum. Her world is divided into two colors, red, manic, and blue, depressive and she uses drugs to regulate her dramatic emotional shifts. This strategy works until her two binaries collide, leading her little self-constructed world into chaos.

Samuel Mitchell, Lily Kaplan – Director Four Walls

Lily Kaplan is a filmmaker from New York City who recently graduated from the Spence School. Kaplan studied performance on stage and on camera for years before beginning writing and directing her own films. She uses her training in creating characters as an actor, to guide her approach to writing and directing multifaceted and flawed characters in her own films. Most recently Kaplan co-directed and co-wrote, “The Humanity Test” with Samuel Mitchell, a fellow filmmaker she met at the Northwestern Cherubs Film Program the summer prior. The film was written and filmed during COVID-19 quarantine and the film serves as a metaphor for the times we are living in now, where a virus gets to choose who lives and who dies. “Four Walls” explores similar themes through a bolder, more experimental lens.

Just Like You

*No description

Annie Fleisch – Director Just Like You

Annie Fleisch is a young female filmmaker who specializes in directing and assistant directing. Currently studying at the School of Visual Arts, Annie grew up in New Jersey – the birthplace of motion pictures! Although she’s in the process of getting her BFA for Film production, she’s made numerous films. Annie likes to focus on topics that provoke thought and leave the film lingering in the audience’s mind.

Organic Baby

Blanche and Colin live in an all synthetic world where even food is made of plastic. Secretly, they try to grow together a plant that they treat as their daughter. Despite their efforts, their cuttings keep disappearing…

Marguerite Hayter, Laetitia Beau – Directors Organic Baby

While studying at Paris 8 University in film directing, Marguerite, simultaneously attends classes at Les Enfants Terribles theater school.
She’s part of a creative adventure that will give birth to the show “Parlons d’Autre Chose”, written by Léonore Confino and directed by Catherine Schaub. The play will be performed for five years in Parisian theaters, twice in the Festival d’Avignon Off, and on tour in France. Pascal Guillaume will take over the programming of the show in 2018 at the Théâtre Tristan Bernard (Paris).
In 2019, Marguerite plays in a new creation, “Enracinés”, directed by Marc DURET, at the Théâtre du Nord-Ouest (Paris). The play is revived in February 2020 at the Théâtre la Comédie Nation (Paris). She also performed in several short films and a documentary for France 2. As an actress, she is represented by Jeff GAILLARD (Alias Talents agency).
Willing to act and create, Marguerite directed two video clips for Juicy’s rock band (“Come On” and “Bad Girl”), as well as a film “Notre-Dame de la Banque” (13min). In her latest creation, “Alive” (18min), she also plays the main role. The film is selected at the Tokyo Lift Off Film Festival (2020).
After performing in Laëtitia’s film “A l’autre bout”, they decide to embark on a common adventure by co-directing « Organic Baby » in 2020.

Creating stories and bringing projects to life is what makes her happy. It’s a passion that she wanted to turn into a profession.
After a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Audiovisual at Sorbonne Nouvelle, she spent a year at Itecom Art design school in the Editing and Special Effects section. Then, Laëtitia started a professional Master’s degree in Cinema at Paris 8 University (Production and Creation section).
In 2018, Laetitia directs her first short film “Wagon des Songes” (13min). She gathers a small team of passionate people and carries out this project.
During her Master, she wrote, produced and directed a new short film: “A l’autre bout” (25min). The filming brought together an incredible team of professionals entirely on a voluntary basis. She is currently in charge of the post-production of this short film, for a release in November 2020. Marguerite HAYTER performs in this last short film.
Coming out of confinement, Laëtitia and Marguerite decided to embark together on a common adventure by co-directing “Organic Baby” in 2020.


Narrative Short

A Casual Two

AJ didn’t know what to expect going into therapy, but he certainly didn’t expect his suicidal ideation to be as big of a problem as his therapist makes it out to be. As the two volley back and forth over whether or not suicide is “casual” AJ learns his mental health needs more concern and attention than he expected.

Molly Roland – Director A Casual Two

Born in rural south Florida, Molly Roland was raised by a mom that loved B-horror movies, and a father that said “you can eat vegetables until you get sick, and watch classic movies until you go blind.” Though it never came to that, Molly spent most of her childhood watching movies and now most of her adult life making them. With a Masters of Fine Arts in Film Production from Florida State University, Molly loves all facets of filmmaking. While she currently happens to be a career editor, Molly spends most of her free time writing her own films, narrative style podcasts and short stories. Moreover, Molly takes great pride in her rag-tag group of filmmaker friends in Atlanta, Georgia. With a little help from her film family, Molly gives to her craft endlessly, continuing to learn new skills, create new stories, and eat her vegetables (sometimes).

A Change of Song

Despite the efforts of their parents, kids will happily devour any junk food they can get their hands on. Follow a young boy’s musical adventure through dreams of sugar, chips and chocolate while his parents remain oblivious to his efforts.

Gordon David LePage – Director A Change of Song

The Overlook

Maggie has always been closed off from living a comfortable life. When a wealthy family hires her to housesit for the weekend she´s given an opportunity to disappear from her current problems.

Azael Bueno – Director The Overlook

Azael Bueno is a Director & Writer from upstate New York. His interest in filmmaking began a year after high school when he stumbled upon the indie scene. Shortly after; Azael moved to New York City where he´d begin producing low budget music videos and working as a Production Assistant for several TV networks. He currently lives in Atlanta GA.


When music composer SÒNG KIM (30) moves home to help his aging mother, MRS. KIM (60), he gets more than he bargained for.

Jason Winn – Director 10-56

Jason Winn is an independent Director and Producer best known for such works as the critically acclaimed feature film The Fat Boy Chronicles, Lifetime movie The Assault, family action-comedy Shifting Gears, and the soon to be released thriller RIFT, shot in 5 days during Covid (featured in Variety Magazine). With 23 years of extensive production experience under his belt, Winn has executive produced two feature documentaries and directed the award-winning feature documentary Spiral Bound. Winn’s colleagues and former cast members attribute his continued success to his innate ability to inspire stellar performances from his actors as well as his intuitive talent for making films that are cerebral, emotionally charged, entertaining and relevant. His ability to consistently deliver first-rate work and stirring performances demonstrates his vision and versatility. Winn’s newest project, the feature film Division, currently in production, deals with the polarization of America in 2020. This dark comedy is sure to become festival darling.


Virtual Reality has become indistinguishable from real life and thus has turned into a way to escape the problems of today or live in happy moments of our past.

Jose Navarro, Rivens Desamour – Directors Broken

Jose is a filmmaker originally from Miami Florida who now resides in Atlanta Georgia. He moved to Atlanta to pursue more opportunities in filmmaking and screenwriting. Jose and Rivens met in College and have remained friends ever since. Rivens Desamour resides in Miami Florida.

Cook with the Heart

A documentary crew questions Stacy about the spiritual, ethical, and culinary dilemmas that come with the growing trend in “ethical cannibalism”.

Mike Hayhurst – Director Cook with the Heart
Mike Hayhurst is an award-winning director and producer for film and theatre. At its World Premiere, his film 15 Down picked up three awards including Audience Choice – Best Short. His short film The Pits had its World Premiere at the Oscar-qualifying New York International Children’s Film Festival and went on to screen in over 100 cities worldwide. Other film credits include Oma starring Lynn Cohen; The Trip to Bountiful with Cicely Tyson; and A Day Late and a Dollar Short with Whoopi Goldberg, both for Lifetime. He spent four years as an Associate at Ostar Enterprises (Rizzoli & Isles, TNT; Beauty and the Beast, CW; Nothing to Hide, directed by Neil Patrick Harris at Signature Theater; various Broadway projects).


*No Description

Chiara Rapisarda – Director Guest

Chiara Rapisarda was born in the province of Catania, on 22/08/1994, after graduating from Dams in Rome 3, specialization in Cinema and Television, discussing a thesis entitled Il tempo della Nostalgia. Fellini’s legacy in Italian cinema (The ‘Homages of Ettore Scola, Paolo Sorrentino and Giuseppe Tornatore), he attended a Masters in the new professions of cinema and audiovisual; Fiction and Documentary.
She has to his credit several collaborations with film festivals including the Roma Tre Film Festival, Cinit- Cineforum Italiano.
She has experience in directing and assistant director, he has written numerous screenplays for short and medium-length films.
She joined the National Association of Film Authors (ANAC 2020)
She has directed several short films including Guest (2019) with the Movieside Cinematografica production and participation as Author of photography by Gianni Mammolotti,
The short won several international awards.
The music of his latest short, La Veglia- Produced by Vimove- was curated by the italian composer Paolo Vivaldi.
She is currently working on the realization on the short film
“Les composants de la poudre “(2021)
and she completed the writing phase of the first feature film entitled” Trompe l’oeil”

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*No Description

Felix Sauermann – Director Sorry, Wrong Text


Feature Films

Bryn Gets a Life

Winner of BEST FEATURE FILM at ‘Reedy Reel Film Festival 2021’ and ‘Southern Film Festival 2021’.

When an autographed “golden record” is stolen from under her nose, Bryn, a self-absorbed slacker, has two days to track it down or find a replacement before her boss gets back in town. Set in 1986.

Cameron Logan – Director Bryn Gets a Life

Cameron Logan was born and raised in Augusta, GA and currently lives in Aiken, SC. He has directed multiple award-winning short films including ‘Teddy’s Party’ and ‘Bryn Gets a Job’. He recently completed his first feature film, ‘Bryn Gets a Life’, an 80’s comedy about family, friendship, and the search for a missing, autographed, golden record.

Built Lands

In the late 60s a group of artists decides to settle in a village in the ‘darkest-deepest’ Spain. Today only Felix Cuadrado Lomas still remains there, determined to reflect the landscape which surrounds him: the lands built by those who work on them.

Arturo Dueñas Herrero – Director Built Lands

Arturo Dueñas (Esguevillas de Esgueva, Valladolid, Spain, 1962). Bachelor of Arts, Qualified in Cinematography and Filmmaking Course at the New York Film Academy. Full member of the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Spain. Actor, director, producer, editor and scriptwriter in several short films, he has produced and directed the feature films Amateurs (Aficionados, 2011), selected and awarded in over 30 international festivals, Corsairs (Corsarios, 2015), Mission: Sahara (Misión: Sáhara, 2016), Built lands (Tierras construidas, 2019) and Pessoas: the shortest path (Pessoas: el camino más corto, 2020).