Call for Makers

The Sugar Hill Maker Fest is an event where businesses and hobbyists can gather and show what they do and how they do it. Everything from electric go-karts, to homemade forges; the Sugar Hill Maker Fest offers an environment where makers can show their passion to others and inspire people to pursue their passion and create new ideas.

The Sugar Hill Maker Fest started as an academy project run by Lanier High School’s CDAT (Center for Design and Technology). We students decided to take it a step further and work with the city to make it an actual event. After seeing the initial success we aspire to go bigger and better each year. Every year we hope to reach out to more and more makers and develop a thriving community of makers in Sugar Hill and the surrounding areas. If you make something interesting or have an interesting hobby, bring it to the Sugar Hill Maker Fest. Everybody is welcome!