Closing the Gaps: A Discussion on Sugar Hill’s City Limits

Map of Unincorporated Gaps
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The Mayor and Council of the City of Sugar Hill would like to thank all those who participated in the town hall meeting on Tuesday November 19, 2019.

Our purpose in hosting the event was to inform area residents of the value associated with incorporation into the city limits and to provide a basic analysis of the taxes and fees for a typical residence. Gwinnett County certainly does a great job serving us all with the highest quality public schools; libraries; courts; corrections; police; fire and emergency medical services. We simply believe that, in areas such as parks & recreation, planning, zoning, code enforcement and storm water management, the city is better positioned to invest those resources into programs that benefit our own neighborhoods rather than getting distributed indirectly to other parts of the county. We also believe that we are better positioned to maintain and protect the unique character of our area of the county through careful and thoughtful planning and zoning decisions made at the local level.

Earlier this year (March 2019), city and county leaders reached consensus on an area proposed for annexation into the City of Sugar Hill which reflects community support to grow inward, closing the gaps surrounded by land already in the city. It is not an effort to expand the city’s growth outward. We then worked with our delegation from the General Assembly to introduce legislation that incorporates those gaps into the official city limits. Those maps presented at the town hall meeting match up completely with the legislation proposed under House Bill 687 which will be considered in the upcoming legislative session beginning on January 13, 2020.

We view the town hall discussion as a critical part of the democratic process and hope to draw attention to this important initiative through our own direct outreach but also through the grass-roots community networks concerned about this conversation.

Should you have any questions about the maps, services, taxes and fees associated with the possibility of annexation, please reach out to our Planning Director Kaipo Awana or City Manager Paul Radford.

Thanks again for attending or if your schedule did not permit you to attend, please review the presentation above and feel free to ask questions. Again, we believe being a resident of Sugar Hill is a good thing and our intentions are to provide clear boundaries and service delivery for the Sugar Hill of tomorrow.