City of Sugar Hill Updates Regarding COVID-19

Custodian – Full Time Job Opportunity


The PRIMARY function of the Custodian is to provide a sanitary, clean and appealing environment in City owned or operated facilities. This includes the routine cleaning of: restrooms, locker rooms, activity areas, hallways, dressing rooms, auditorium, offices, staircases, storage areas, doors, windows and other, in an efficient and effective manner.

• Safely utilizes appropriate chemicals, supplies, and equipment to perform custodial care tasks
• Performs cleaning and janitorial duties, limited grounds maintenance and minor repair work
• Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors
• Use various floor care machines and other electronic equipment as necessary
• Remove stains from such surfaces as rugs, carpeting, walls and floors using various chemicals/solutions
• Clean and sanitizes toilets, showers & sinks in all restrooms throughout all facilities
• Empty all trash cans, replace liners, transports materials to disposal area
• Fill dispensers, restock disposables and replace light bulbs
• Keep Water Fountains clean and sanitary
• Maintain custodial care closets, tools and equipment in a clean, sanitary, and safe working condition
• At times uses a ladder to dust and wash walls, ceilings and light fixtures
• Use the required personal protective/safety equipment
• Secure facilities after operating hours by locking doors and setting the security alarm
• Maintain continuity between shifts by documenting cleaning actions; noting areas requiring additional care or monitoring
• Notifies supervisor of supplies needed, and reports items in need for repairs
• Performs other related duties as assigned

How to Apply
Applications accepted at City Hall, City of Sugar Hill, ATTN: Jane Whittington, City Clerk, 5039 West Broad Street, Sugar Hill, Georgia 30518 or Email Jane Whittington at Applications, background release and complete job description are available at the link below.

Full Job Description (PDF)

Application for Employment