Natural Gas Safety

To burn properly, natural gas mixes with just the right amount of air to be ignited by a spark or a flame. Natural gas that burns without enough air produces a deadly gas – carbon monoxide.

Breathing natural gas is harmful because it contains no oxygen. And because natural gas is colorless and odorless, a chemical with a distinct smell is added to alert you of a leak. The added odor smells like rotten eggs.

Teach all members of your family the three ways to recognize a natural gas leak, so they will know what to do.

LOOK: Blowing dirt, bubbling in creeks or ponds, dry spots in moist areas, or dead plants surround by green live ones could indicate a leak.

LISTEN: A hissing sound near gas lines, meters, or appliances could indicate a leak.

SMELL: If you smell the rotten egg odor, there could be a leak.

LEAVE: Leave the premises immediately.

TELL: Be sure to tell authorities – notify 911 or City of Sugar Hill at (770) 271-2137.

A faint odor of gas may mean that a pilot light has gone out and should be relighted; however, a strong odor means you should leave the home at once and call your local utility or emergency personnel from a neighbors home.

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Look, Listen, Smell, Leave, Tell Brochure