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DRAFT Hwy 20 Corridor Study

Earlier this year, planning staff began work on a study to cast a vision for the development potential of the Highway 20 corridor. We are pleased to now present working draft materials for the study. Below you will find links to download an executive summary of our findings to date, a draft market analysis and links to full resolution of the referenced framework plans. The purpose of this study is to understand the dynamic issues at play along the corridor including: documentation and analysis of existing conditions; the importance of the corridor in terms of economic, community and downtown development, recreation, pedestrian connectivity; as well as its importance as a visual landmark for the City and to produce a plan to guide future development. Through this study we will aspire for a Highway 20 that unifies Sugar Hill and Gwinnett County with a common vision of what the Highway corridor can be when we work together. We want to know what you think. Please direct your questions and comments to Planning Director Kaipo Awana or 678.541.6127. Hwy 20 Study Executive Summary Hwy 20 Study Market Analysis

Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Community Character Map

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