How do I annex a property into the City of Sugar Hill?

Call the Planning Department to speak with a staff representative and schedule a time to discuss the process and how you would like to use the property. If your property is directly adjacent to other property currently located within the city limits of Sugar Hill and meets other state legislated criteria, you may fill out an application for annexation. Application forms can be obtained from the website or in person at the Planning department office. There is a fee required (please refer to the fee schedule posted on the Planning Department’s page of the website). A calendar of deadlines and hearing dates can be found in the application packet. After the Planning staff reviews the application, the Planning Commission holds a public meeting to review the case and make recommendations to the City Council for action on the request. The City Council will hold a similar public hearing to review the case and consider the Planning Commission’s recommendation before making a final decision on the application. From start to finish, the process takes at least three months. The Planning Department shall advertise in the legal section of the Gwinnett Daily Post and on signs posted at the property to be annexed for the conduct of at least two (2) public hearings in connection with all annexations.

For more information, call Planning and Development at 770-945-6734, visit us on the web at a href=””> or come by the city hall.

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