Leaf and Limb Pick-Up Service Updates

Limb and branch chipping resumed Monday, May 4th, and will continue on a limited, monthly basis as we adapt operations to address continued needs related to the public health emergency associated with the coronavirus pandemic. The first pick up occurred this week and a one-time second pick up will take place next week to ensure that all neighborhoods are served.

Please keep your limbs to the required limits for size and volume (4ft x 4ft area and no taller than 6ft), to allow us to catch up on chipping across the community. As a reminder, we ᴅᴏ ɴᴏᴛ pick up limbs cut by tree or landscape services.

Leaf and bagged yard debris collection services will resume on May 11th with a limited and adjusted schedule. Pick up will occur the day before your regular garbage collection day. For example, if your regular garbage collection day is Monday, your bagged yard debris will be collected on Friday. If your regular garbage collection day is Tuesday, your yard debris will be collected on Monday.

These services will be an “all-hands” effort of our staff to ensure that we’re able to reach all neighborhoods in Sugar Hill.

Due to social distancing guidelines for our staff and several normal vendors/contractors that suspended or limited operations due to the public health crisis, we are still short-staffed in conducting these services since our staff have adapted to pick up usually outsourced work.

We appreciate your patience and understanding of the operational schedule that is in place to ensure the safety and health of our staff members who work hard every day to serve the community.

This service schedule will be in effect until we are fully staffed and/or able to safely outsource support services.