Due to the continued challenges posed by the ongoing labor shortage, higher operating costs, and the need to boost efficiency in its operations Waste Management, our solid waste vendor has made changes to services and costs, effective October 1 and November 1, 2022.

Effective October 1, 2022:

  • Residential Rate: $18.25/mo. (95-gallon cart)
  • Residential Accounts Billed Quarterly: $54.75
  • Commercial Rate: Increase to $4.47/yard.

Effective November 1, 2022:

  • Residential curbside recycling every other week.
  • 95-Gallon Recycle carts will replace smaller bin services.
  • Bags no longer collected by Waste Management.

Bag Service:

Due to the continued challenges posed by the ongoing labor shortage, higher operating costs, and the need to boost efficiency in its operations, Waste Management will no longer be providing bag collection services after November 1, 2022. The industry is shifting to automated trucks with one employee instead of two employees in one truck.

We understand the frustration this may cause for bag service customers and that there will be a cost increase going to cart service. As such, we have worked with Waste Management to investigate other alternatives like an optional smaller-sized cart. We are hopeful that in the future two sizes of carts will be available, but simply isn’t an option at this time.

Bulk Waste:

The bags were also used to identify and pay for bulk waste curbside collection. With the elimination of the bag service, this will now be handled by way of call-in appointments and direct payments to Waste Management for the service.


In addition, beginning November 1st, 95-gallon cart service will be provided for recyclables in place of the smaller 18-gallon bins. With this increased recycling capacity, service will be every other week instead of every week. Customers that have the 18-gallon bins will receive a 95-gallon cart during the transition in November. If you already have a recycling cart, the only change you will experience is the service moving from weekly to every other week. You will also receive a calendar for your recycling service.

Rate, Effective Date:

Many communities in our area are facing similar labor, equipment, and related challenges. These communities are facing much higher prices than our new negotiated rate of $18.25/month. The new rate will go into effect on the fourth quarter bill beginning October 1, 2022. This rate includes both your garbage and recycling collection.

These measures should help address many of the pressures facing this industry and allow a continuation of solid waste and recycling services to our community at a reasonable rate.

All questions and/or concerns regarding billing, service, etc. should be addressed to Waste Management Customer Service (404-794-6707). To set up service, pay online, receive service alerts, manage your account, or request special services, please download the Waste Management app or visit https://www.wm.com/

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