Comprehensive Plan Update

What is a comprehensive plan?

The comprehensive plan is a general guide for municipal processes, programming, policy and budgeting. It will typically cast a vision to which the community aspires for the next five to ten years. A good plan paints a clear picture of the future while documenting current conditions and anticipating obstacles. Plans are most effective when they identify specific tasks designed to achieve the community’s goals and objectives.

Why plan?

Planning provides guidance for daily decision making in local government. Without sound planning we run the risk of making uninformed choices which could negatively impact the health, safety and economic well-being of our community. We have a responsibility to go after the aims and vision established by the community.

Didn’t we just do one, why update it?

Periodic updates to the comprehensive plan are required to maintain eligibility for various funding, permitting and incentive programs administered by the State of Georgia. More importantly, plans grow stale as community preferences, demographics and market conditions change over time. New issues and opportunities often come to light as the city works toward implementation. Fresh solutions or different angles of approach become necessary as new obstacles are encountered. Planning is an ongoing process in which we assemble the plan, begin executing the plan, evaluate progress and repeat. Sometimes assembling the plan is simply a recalibration or minor update and sometimes it’s an entirely new plan.

We are working on a major overhaul of the current plan with assistance from Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) community development staff and a citizen advisory committee made up of a broad cross section of community leaders. The final plan will be presented for adoption to the City Council in February 2019. Look for opportunities to get involved or provide input over the next few months. We’ll be posting a draft of the plan, upcoming meetings and other information to this project page.

Project Schedule

Public Open House to review progress and gather input from the community on specific issues.

When: Monday October 15th, 5PM – 7PM

Where: Sugar Hill City Hall

Project Documents

In progress, check back soon.

Current Plan

Below you will find links to our current comprehensive plan documents. We’ll be posting a draft of the new plan soon.
Comprehensive Plan

Community Character Map