Public Art Mural – Request for Proposals! (Closed)

This RFP is to receive proposals for a mural on a public building located in Downtown Sugar Hill. The building is the former City Hall and now houses multiple small businesses in a co-work space called “The Suite Spot”. This mural is intended to create a focal point within the Central Business District and contribute to the visual identity of the City of Sugar Hill. Background Information

This Request for Proposals is being conducted by the Downtown Development Authority. The Sugar Hill DDA’s goals are to: 1) Promote development in such a way as to maximize the benefit to our community; to increase the commercial tax base; to provide a balanced community. 2) To create a positive atmosphere within the City of Sugar Hill, making the citizens and business community proud to live and work in our city. We will create public/private partnerships and build support for the “Main Street” movement in our efforts. 3) To define a conceptual plan giving a clear direction towards managing development within the boundaries of West Board Street, GA 20 and Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. The DDA will be engaging the assistance of the Historic Preservation Society and Arts Commission as well as citizen shareholders in reviewing all proposals in an attempt to address the mural in terms of aesthetics from a public art and historical standpoint, as well as determining community value.

Request for Proposals – SH Mural


All submissions should be received no later than June 27, 2016. Please email all submissions to: