RFP 16-011 On-Call Engineering Services – (Closed)

The City is soliciting proposals from qualified professional civil engineering firms to assist with its implementation of various general civil, environmental, and transportation projects. This contract solicitation will allow engagement of a qualified team that can deliver these services to the City in an independent, professional, and comprehensive manner.

A typical project may include developing the scope of construction; development of concept, preliminary, and final design documents; environmental documents; utility coordination and relocation plans; right-of-way plans and documents; specifications and bid documents; contract administration. Typical projects will generally fall into these categories:

  • Road widening, repairs and maintenance
  • New roadway construction (new alignments)
  • Sidewalks/Paths/Trails
  • Site development/Parks/Recreation

RFP 16-011 On-Call Engineering Services

Addendum 1 – Answers and Clarifications are provided for this opportunity.

Proposals are due Thursday, May 19 at 2PM.

Please contact Troy Besseche (tbesseche@cityofsugarhill.com) for more information.