Spring Cleaning Event Delays Update

During these challenging times, our solid waste vendor began collecting bulk waste on Monday only to experience mechanical damage from one of the items that had been loaded according to our Waste Management contacts. The breakdown set the schedule back at least a day as some neighborhoods were delayed or missed. It seems the delay is now much more significant than originally expected.

The labor as well as equipment shortage has taken its toll on this event and the ability to deliver a service our community has come to rely on and appreciate. Through the night and this weekend, the dedicated few at Waste Management are working on a plan to recover and get the ‘wheels back on the cart.’

As of mid-day Saturday, their staff is working to reallocate resources and equipment to keep the collection process going today. It is unclear if they will be able to get to every address, but will be diligent about working through the problem. It goes without saying, but we choose to do so anyway, that everyone’s patience is appreciated.

As you celebrate with family this weekend, please remember those in the service industry along with those in harm’s way who are making sacrifices each and every day. Have a pleasant holiday week and remember all of our fallen heroes we celebrate at this time of year.