Sugar Hill Church Serves Sugar Hill

Sugar Hill Church understands the value of teaching the next generation how to serve the community. This week, the church held a community service camp in which the students focused on ways to serve their schools, their city, their church and their families.

Forty-two bandana-clad elementary students boarded the bus on Tuesday morning and met with Mayor Steve Edwards at City Hall. Mayor Edwards spoke to the students about what it means to be an active member of a community. He shared with them that bringing together schools, churches, and people from all walks of life is a passion of his and the reason that he ran for office. Mayor Edwards also had a few surprises for the students as he “magically” made the window shades open at close during his talk.

The students had a surprise up their sleeves for Mayor Edwards as well. They had worked together the previous day to make and decorate cookies for every member of the City of Sugar Hill staff. The city’s logo had been carefully designed on each cookie.

After their meeting with the Mayor, the group headed over to Gary Pirkle Park where they worked diligently to paint a fence, plant flowers and pick up debris. The city’s Parks and Recreation Department was impressed with solid work that these students put into these projects. The park certainly looks better thanks to their effort.

Mayor Edwards was thrilled with the results, “I am proud of the students in our community. We are building a place that they can not only be happy to call home now, but in the future as well. These students have exemplified what it means to build community and have set an example for all of us. We are so grateful for them and the work of the church in our city.”

The City of Sugar Hill is indeed thankful for these students and the community-building they are accomplishing. The future of Sugar Hill will belong to these bright children and we are hopeful that during these formative years they are enjoying living “the sweet life”.