Volunteer of the Year – Ane Mulligan

The City of Sugar Hill is honored to have so many amazing volunteers.  It is thanks to the support of our involved residents and community groups that we are able to honor historical sites, bring art into downtown, reach the youth of the city and so much more.  Each of our community groups is made up of outstanding hard-workers who raise funds, make and implement plans and do community outreach, all on top of their day-to-day jobs and activities.  Each year, Sugar Hill honors one of these community cheerleaders with the Volunteer of the Year Award.  This year, the city honors its third recipient of the award, Ane Mulligan.

In preparation for the 2018 opening of the E Center and the performing arts theater, the Players Guild @ Sugar Hill has performed several successful shows this year.  Under the leadership of Guild President, Ane Mulligan, the group has made great strides since their 2014 formation.  It is because of these successes that she has been named Sugar Hill’s Volunteer of the Year.

Mulligan has a long list of outstanding accomplishments as President of the Guild with 15 shows under her belt.  In her “day job” she is a “Southern-Fried Fiction” author and member of American Christian Fiction Writers.  Among her recent works, is a novella entitled Love is Sweeter in Sugar Hill which can be found in the collection, Coming Home – A Tiny House Collection.  This novella is set in our “Sweet City”, which further solidifies Mulligan’s dedication to Sugar Hill.

Of course, no great leader is without a good team.  The Players Guild is made up of several zealous members who work diligently to share their passion for theater with the community.  Mayor Edwards, the City Council and city staff are all thankful for the contributions of the Guild and each of the other community groups.  Mayor Edwards expressed his gratitude saying, “Building community is important for our city to continue to be successful.  It is thanks to people like Ane Mulligan and several other volunteers that we are able to bring people with common interests together to celebrate their passions.  It is obvious that Ane loves what she does and her enthusiasm for theater, writing and the City of Sugar Hill is infectious.”

If you have an interest in becoming involved in any of Sugar Hill’s community groups, please contact our Economic Development Department at (770)945-6716.