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I am proud to say city council voted to “rollback” the city’s millage rate to 3.69 mils at the August meeting of City Council. The millage rate had remained level at 3.8 mils for 19 consecutive years. We came to the decision after months of discussion with council and our city management team. The rollback will provide property tax relief to city homeowners and because of sound fiscal management, will not affect any of the services our city staff provides to residents.

I am also pleased that city council voted to put three (3) ballot questions on the November general election that, if approved, will provide even more property tax relief in 2024. The increases in the homestead exemption represent a 400% increase for qualified property owners. Combined with the millage rate rollback, this will be the largest property tax relief to homeowners in twenty (20) years.

I appreciate the leadership and vision of each of the council members in advocacy of these measures and for staff committed to sound fiscal management and world-class service delivery.

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