Applications for Alcoholic Beverage Licenses are issued by the City Clerk/Collector. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Occupational Tax Clerk at 770-945-6716 or email, Applications for Alcohol/Beer/Wine Licenses can also be found on the Georgia Tax Center’s Website  when registering the new business for a State Alcohol License.

Retail Alcohol License Fees:

Beer: Retail Sale, $500.00 annually
Wine: Retail Sale, $500.00 annually

Retail sales shall consist of not more than twenty (20%) percent of the gross revenue received from the overall operation of the business conducted from such location.

Consumption on the Premises Fees:

Beer & Wine: $1500.00 Annually
Spirituous Liquor: $2,500.00 Annually

Businesses shall derive at least fifty (50%) percent of its total annual gross sales from prepared food or meals.

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