The city’s Code Enforcement Officers monitor and enforce compliance with city codes and regulations related to property maintenance, nuisance abatement, signage, and other aspects of public safety and aesthetics.

Frequent Code Violations:

  • Littering / Dumping
  • Outdoor Storage
  • Overgrown Grass
  • Junk / Abandoned Vehicle
  • Prohibited Sign
  • Right of Way Obstruction
Code Enforcement

5039 West Broad Street
Sugar Hill, GA 30518

Office Hours: Mon – Fri, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Phone: (770) 945-6734 

Frequent Codes Violations

High grass/weeds – You must keep your yard mowed. When the grass height exceeds 12″ you may receive a citation. Vegetation over 12 inches in height. (Property Maintenance Ordinance Section 14-313)

Parking on the grass/yard/lawn – Vehicles, including boats, may not be parked on grass in your yard. Gravel or paved parking only. (Property Maintenance Ordinance Section 14-311)

Junk vehicles – Vehicles that are inoperable, wrecked, dismantled, abandoned or without a current license plate and decal attached are not allowed. (Zoning Ordinance – Article VI – Section 613 & Property Maintenance Ordinance Section 14-311)

Outdoor Storage – The open storage of junk, trash, debris, scrap metal, tires, boxes, unusable furniture, appliances, etc. are not allowed. – (Property Maintenance Ordinance Section 14-314)

Accessory Uses – Boats, camper trailers, utility trailers, motor homes and other recreational vehicles. The storage of no more than two Accessory Uses in the side or rear yards only. (Zoning Ordinance – Article IV)

Sign Regulations – A permit is required for most signs placed on property within the city limits. There are several types of signs that are exempt from the permit requirements but are subject to specific size, height and location restrictions. (Zoning Ordinance – Article13 Signs)

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