The Sugar Hill Arts Commission is a group of artists and art lovers set on a mission to encourage, promote, and expand public interest in the arts. Carefully selected by the city’s Arts Commission, art installations are placed throughout the downtown area. The purpose of the group is to enhance the quality of life while creating a colorful and unique community. Sugar Hill is where individuals can come together for shared experiences and to spend time with family, friends, and neighbors.

In 2016, the volunteer-based group brought in two local artists to complete one of the largest public pieces ever created in Sugar Hill, two beautiful murals both located at the Suite Spot, formerly City Hall. On one side of the building, the mural is an ode to Sugar Hill, representing the rich history of the city with images like a wagon with a missing wheel, the oldest home in Sugar Hill, and our secret claim to fame – gold mining. And, on the opposite side of the building is the Sweet Life mural because just as the artwork says, being in Sugar Hill really is living the sweet life.


The Sugar Hill Arts Commission meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. This excludes November and December, whose meetings are moved due to the holidays. All meetings will be held at the Sugar Hill Art Gallery.

5010 West Broad St.

Sugar Hill, GA 30518

To get involved, email:


Barry Palmer

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Term Expires 12-31-2023

Donna McKinney 

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Drew Dylan

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Chandra Brandel

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Terence Mulligan

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Marc Cohen

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Tiffany Cole

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Nicole Klein – Staff Liaison

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