Occupational Tax

Welcome Business Owners!

Every Business inside the city limits of Sugar Hill must apply for an Occupational Tax Certificate/ Business License every year. The fee for the license is based on the gross receipt and the tax rate for your business class.

Business License Office
Sugar Hill City Hall Customer Service Desk
5039 W. Broad Street
Sugar Hill, Georgia 30518

(770) 945-6716

Department of Planning and Development
Sugar Hill City Hall Across from Customer Service
5039 W. Broad Street
Sugar Hill, Georgia 30518

(770) 945-6734

Obtaining a new Occupational Tax Certificate / Business License

Step 2

Verify the address is located within the City Limits of City of Sugar Hill from the Department of Planning & Development.

Step 3

Verify with the Department of Planning & Development if the intended use is permitted under the designated zoning district.

Step 4

Verify with the Department of Planning & Development if you need City Building/Safety Inspection, if yes, complete the Building Permit Application. New businesses, as well as those that are changing names, changing ownership, or moving to a new location must obtain a new certificate of occupancy.

Step 5

An Inspection/Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) is required from the Gwinnett County Fire Marshal’s office. (Commercial Applicants Only – See page 3 and 4 in the Commercial Occupational Tax Application)

Step 6

Restaurants and Food Trucks need to have the approval from Gwinnett County Health Department. Their telephone number is 770-963-5132.

Renewing the Occupational Tax Certificate/ Business License

Business License Renewal Packet
Occupational Tax Worksheet for Renewal

Renewal packets will be mailed out in early December. It is important for all businesses to make any necessary changes on the renewal form and to complete the portion requesting gross receipts or the number of professionals and mail the packet back to the City by January 31st. After receipt of the complete renewal packet, an invoice for payment will be issued. Once we receive payment, the new Occupational Tax Certificate will be mailed to the mailing address on file.

All of the Business License/Occupational Tax Certificates expire January 31 of each year.

Mail the renewal packet to 5039 West Broad Street, Sugar Hill GA 30518 or email to occtax@cityofsugarhill.com.

If you have any questions regarding the process to obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate/ Business License, please email occtax@cityofsugarhill.com or call the Occupational Tax Clerk at (770) 945-6716.