Meeting Minutes




06:30 PM

Meeting Location:

City Hall Community Room

Agenda Files:

Sugar Hill Downtown Development Authority
Members Present: Taylor Anderson, Nick Thompson, Allen Jorgensen, Nancy Wren
Members Not Present: Nic Green, Brandon Hembree
Staff Present: Paul Radford, Troy Besseche, Scott Andrews, Kaipo Awana, Tim Schick, Nikki Klein, Frank Hartley
Guests Present: Elizabeth Orcutt, Robert Gilbert, Rosemary Walsh, Steve Wilkes

  1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA   Allen, 2nd Marc Unanimously passed


  1. Approval of the Minutes of March 29, 2016 Regular Meetin
    Nancy, 2nd Allen Unanimously passed
  1. Old Business
  1. EpiCenter Update
    Staff provided an update on the EpiCenter. One of the notable changes is the potential of adding more seats and amenities to the community theater.
  1. Prospect Hill (fka The Seven Project Update) 
    Staff provided an update on the project which will include a niche grocery store, office space, and a full service hotel. The rendering will be shared will the public shortly.
  1. a) Development Plan
  1. Sugar Hill Town Center Update
    Staff provided an update on Stephen Macauley’s project. A lot is happening behind the scenes with the developer in terms of their financing progress. The developer is set to meet with the City again on May 9.
  1. Solomon Project Update 
    Staff provided an update on the independent/assisted/ memory care prominent facility. The due diligence period was on April 22nd. The group asked for a 90 day extension, but progress is continuous. This group will also be meeting with the City on May 9. Motion to allow a 90 day extension on the feasibility and close no later than October 31st: Nancy, 2nd Marc. Nick T. abstained from vote. Motion passes. 3-0
  1. a) Development Agreement Extension
  1. Mural Discussion
    Staff provided a plan for a RFP on a mural project in downtown. Motion to approve the mural RFP subject to the approval of the Planning Director: Nick T. 2nd Allen. Nancy Wren abstained. Motion passes 4-0.
  1. Suite Spot  
  1. a) SHBTG update
    Marc Orcutt provided an update on the membership increase to 25, full with leased tenants, 4 dedicated work spaces are free (out of 8). A suggestion was made to have the Women’s Club recommend art for the Suite Spot.
  1. b) Improvement discussion
    Discussion took place on the need for improvements upstairs at the Suite Spot, pending budget availability after mobility project is prioritized. This is follow up discussion from March 2016.
  1. Downtown Mobility Plan
    Staff gave a recommendation to seek options for a downtown mobility plan. The Chairman will seek estimates from consultants on this project prior to the May 2016.
  1. Advertising Discussion
    No update or discussion on this subject this month.
  1. New Business 
  1. Ackerman Agreement Ratification
    Staff provided an update on the revised agreement with Ackerman. Ackerman will make recommendations for the retail layouts and ultimately make recommendations for the use of the project facilities. Motion to table to May 2016.
  1. City of Sugar Hill Staff Comments   
    Staff provided an update on bowl improvements which are set to be complete in late May. The splash pad area will wrap up construction in early July.
  1. DDA Member/Officer comments

Budget report


VIII. If needed, Executive Session to discuss items, which are exempt from the open meetings act  pursuant to O.C.G.A. section 50­14­3.

  1. If needed, public action to be taken as a result of Executive Session

Allen motion, 2nd Nancy. Unanimous. Adjourn to executive session at 7:47pm.

Executive session began at 7:51pm.

Motion to adjourn executive session: Nick T., 2nd Marc

Motion to adjourn: Nick T, 2nd Nancy 8:13pm

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