Downtown Development Authority Special Called




09:00 AM

Meeting Location:

City Hall Community Room

Agenda Files:

Sugar Hill Downtown Development Authority  |  Special Called Meeting Agenda
Members Present: Nancy Wren, Nic Greene, Brandon Hembree, Allen Jorgensen, Marc Orcutt
Staff Present: Troy Besseche, Tim Schick, Scott Andrews, Frank Hartley

Guests: None

  1. CALL TO ORDER                         9:07am
  2. APPROVAL OF AGENDA            Nancy, 2nd Allen J. Unanimously passed.

III. ACTION ITEMS AND UPDATES            Allen J., 2nd Nancy. Unanimously passed.

  1. Old Business
  2. The Icon at Sugar Hill – Staff provided an update on the timeline and purchase agreement for the Temple Drive property.

Motion to come out of executive session. Nancy, Marc 2nd Out of executive session.

  1. Purchase and Sale Agreement of property from City of Sugar Hill to DDA
  2. Lease and Purchase Option Agreement from DDA to JWM Ventures

Staff presented an update on the purchase and sale agreement between the DDA and the City for the 4.5 acre site on Temple Drive. The DDA needs to own all of the parcels along Temple Drive in order to later sell the properties to a developer. The current action is for the DDA to purchase the remaining property on Temple Dr. from the City for $4.8 million ($600K used for legal/construction). Motion: Nancy, 2nd Allen. Unanimously passed.


Motion to adjourn: Nancy, 2nd Allen. Unanimously passed. Meeting closed at 9:20am

  1. If needed, Executive Session to discuss items, which are exempt from the open meetings act  pursuant to O.C.G.A. section 50­14­3.

VI. If needed, public action to be taken as a result of Executive Session

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