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Sugar Hill Downtown Development Authority Regular Meeting Agenda
September 27th, 2016 | 6:30 PM | City of Sugar Hill City Hall ¬ Community Room
Members present: Marc Orcutt, Taylor Anderson, Allen Jorgensen, Nic Greene, Brandon Hembree, Nancy Wren
Guests present: Bill Cornell, Kent Snyder, Elizabeth Orcutt, Steve Wilkes, Todd Sneru (Urban Eats), Representatives from Oakhurst, Amy Phillips, Nigel Gray, Kevin McComber (Clark Patterson), Stephen Macauley (and staff), Gwen.
Staff present: Tim Schick, Scott Andrews, Kaipo Awana, Troy Besseche, Paul Radford, Frank Hartley

II. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Motion: Brandon, 2nd Marc Orcutt. Unanimously approved.
III. MINUTES Motion: Marc Orcutt, 2nd Nic Greene. Unanimously approved.
A. Approval of the Minutes of August 30, 2016 Regular Meeting

A. Old Business
1. EpiCenter Project Kevin McComber provided an update on the EpiCenter, the timeline of the early construction stages, and their coinciding costs.
a) Consulting Services for Retail and Leasing – Oakhurst has presented to the DDA previously regarding retail leasing for the EpiCenter. Staff provided an update on the prospective changes to the agreement which make the agreement more palatable to both parties, subject to review by the city attorney. The motion is to approve the agreement with Oakhurst. Motion Brandon, 2nd Marc. Unanimously approved by the DDA.
2. Iconic Project (fka Icon/Seven) Update
Staff provided an update on the Iconic project which will sit to the west of City Hall across Temple Dr. JWM Ventures has provided a letter of intent to lease land. In the documentation, an initial lease term will expire on July 31st.
***Motion to amend the agenda to add Items A and B below. Brandon, 2nd Nancy. Unanimously approved.
Item a) Acceptance of the letter of intent. Motion: Nancy, 2nd Marc: Unanimously approved.
Item b) Acceptance of the contracts for sitework/soil testing. Motion: Nancy, 2nd Marc: Unanimously approved.
3. Nexus at Sugar Hill Project (fka Sugar Hill Town Center)
1. a) Development Plan Approval – Stephen Macauley provided sets of renderings, and update, and his vision for the project. Motion to approve the development plan: Allen, 2nd Marc. Unanimously approved.
2. b) Closing extension to April 30, 2017. Motion to extend the closing: Nancy, 2nd Nic. Unanimously approved.

4. Holbrook Project (fka Solomon)
a) Closing extension to April 30, 2017 5. Suite Spot – Staff provided an update on the project. After conversations with their leadership team, they have requested an extension in their project closing. Motion: Nancy, 2nd Brandon. Unanimously approved.
a) SHBTG update: Marc Orcutt provided an update on the Suite Spot and the current status of the facility.
6. Downtown Mobility Plan Update: Taylor Anderson provided an update per the consultant. The data collection is complete and key opportunities have been identified by the consultant.
7. 2017 Budget Discussion – The DDA had open discussion on ideas and priorities for 2017. Motion to approve: Allen, 2nd Marc. Unanimously approved.

B. New Business
1. Election of DDA Vice Chairman. Nancy Wren nominates Allen Jorgensen, Nic Greene nominates Marc Orcutt. Allen Jorgensen withdraws his nomination. Motion to close by Brandon, 2nd Nic. Marc Orcutt is unanimously approved as Vice Chair.
2. Budget Amendments:
a) Suite Spot: Motion to allow the SHBTG to proceed with the improvements upstairs at the Suite Spot. Motion Brandon, 2nd Nic.

3. b) Mural: Motion to approve the budget amendment for the mural: Allen, 2nd Nic. Unanimously approved.

3. Suite Spot ¬ Upstairs Improvements
4. Georgia Force utilization of Buice School Gym: Staff provided an update on the inquiry of the Georgia Force high school basketball program to potentially practice at the Buice School.
V. City of Sugar Hill Staff Comments: Paul Radford commended staff on their work making the splash park a reality, and on a great job with the 2016 event series.

VI. DDA Member/Officer comments: Mayor Pro Tem Hembree spoke about the October 29th cemetery tours which is being led by the Players Guild and Preservation Society. Allen Jorgensen spoke about the progress of the Broad Street Concert Band and their recent grant award of $3000. Chairman Anderson mentioned the Redevelopment Forum on October 6th. He invited all members to attend if possible. A DDA cleanup day is tentatively set for Sunday October 16th, the day after Sugar Rush.
A. Budget report
VII. PUBLIC COMMENTS: Elizabeth Orcutt expressed a concern in the price for the apartments and condos that are being built the next two years in Downtown Sugar Hill.
Motion to adjourn Nic, 2nd Brandon. 8:32pm
VIII. If needed, Executive Session to discuss items, which are exempt from the open meetings act pursuant to O.C.G.A. section 50¬14¬3.
IX. If needed, public action to be taken as a result of Executive Session

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