Downtown Development Authority Meeting Minutes




06:30 PM

Meeting Location:

City Hall History Room

Agenda Files:

Sugar Hill Downtown Development Authority
Regular Meeting Agenda
August 30th, 2016 | 6:30 PM |
City of Sugar Hill City Hall ¬ History Room

Members Present: Taylor Anderson, Brandon Hembree, Allen Jorgensen, Marc Orcutt, Nancy Wren, Nic Greene. Not Present: Nick Thompson
Staff Present: Scott Andrews, Kaipo Awana, Tim Schick, Lee Thompson, Troy Besseche, Paul Radford
Guests Present: Rosemary Walsh, Amy Phillips, Chris Walker, Jennie Oseik, Steve Wilkes, Bill Cornell, Kevin McComber, Staff from Macauley Investments




A. Approval of the Minutes of July 26, 2016 Regular Meeting Brandon, 2nd Nancy


A. Old Business

1. EpiCenter Update – Kevin McComber of Clark Patterson provided an update on the preconstruction process and early stages of the EpiCenter construction schedule.

a) Consulting Services for Retail and Leasing: Action item: Recommendation to move forward with Oakhurst for retail leasing for services related to the EpiCenter. This agreement would be subject to legal counsel and Chairman Anderson’s review. The item will be tabled

2. Iconic @ Sugar Hill Update: Staff provided an update on the project, of note City Council amended the height ordinance to allow for some downtown area projects to go to 130ft. Staff from JWM Ventures has already begun boring, samples, and some preconstruction process work.

Action item: Approval to allow Chairman Anderson to sign off on the purchase agreement that was entered into on July 19th. The only change will be that the closing date will be extended to Sept 30th. Motion Brandon, 2nd Nancy. Unanimously approved.

3. Sugar Hill Town Center – Stephen Macauley provided an update on the changes in the Sugar Hill Town Center project from his previous DDA meeting visit. The project may be named the Nexus @ Sugar Hill. The hope is to close on the property at the end of January.

a) Development Plan Presentation/Approval:

4. Solomon Project Update: Staff provided an update on the project. The project is still on track to close in late Fall and the developer is excited to grow in Sugar Hill.

5. Mural Discussion: The two finalist for the community wide mural competition (Jennie Oseik and Chris Walker) explained their artwork and spoke to the DDA about their thoughts and concepts. The DDA will vote and let the artists and community know who the winner is early the next day.

6. Suite Spot – Marc Orcutt provided an update of the 4 new coworkers and how the renovations have positively impacted utilization of the space.

a) SHBTG update –

b) Artwork update – No update or action from last month

7. Downtown Mobility Plan Update: Progress continues on the mobility plan

B. New Business

1. 2017 Budget Discussion – A downtown master plan update is recommended in 2017 as well as marketing materials, municipal band assista, and suite spot improvements. Some renovations for the Suite Spot were also mentioned as desirable options for 2017.

V. City of Sugar Hill Staff Comments Splash Park ribbon cutting is set for Friday the 2nd at 6pm, Third Eye Blind on Saturday the 3rd at 8:45pm.

VI. DDA Member/Officer comments

A. Budget report Motion to adopt budget report. Brandon, 2nd Marc. Unanimously passed.


Meeting adjourned at 9:02pm.

VIII. If needed, Executive Session to discuss items, which are exempt from the open meetings act pursuant to O.C.G.A. section 50¬14¬3. IX. If needed, public action to be taken as a result of Executive Session

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