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05:30 PM

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City Hall Community Room

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Minutes of Youth Council-City of Sugar Hill

October 21, 2015

Call to Order: A quorum meeting of the Youth Council was held in The Community Room at the City of Sugar Hill City Hall on October 21, 2015. The meeting convened at 5:00 PM, Youth Council Mayor Bryn Pugh presiding.

Members in Attendance: Bryn Pugh; Amber Nicholson; Taylor Morain; Agam Singh; Roshni Patel; Kaan Cubukcu; Aysha Jerald.

Approval of Minutes: Since the previous meeting was the Youth Council retreat, the Council did not need to approve any minutes.

Youth Council Reports

  1. Thoughts on Sugar Rush:
    1. Taylor Morain brought up the World Record attempt for largest Ice Cream Party.
      1. There were some discrepancies because of wristbands which were supposed to be passed out to participants. Additionally, the process to submit the forms were extensive, so the results will be unknown for a few weeks. If we do attempt to break the record again, the Ice Cream Party will be a separate event rather than a part of Sugar Rush.
    2. Aysha Jerald mentioned that the event was cramped, but this is a point that can be improved.\
    3. Kaan Cubukcu enjoyed the homey feeling of the event.
    4. Amber Nicholson noted that people would want to attend the art show between the end of the inflatables and the beginning of the concert, but it was closed. The city should look into filling those time gaps.
    5. Council Member Mike Sullivan suggested that the Youth Council reaches out to the Cross Country teams for teenage runners.
  2. Choosing Focuses for the Youth Council
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      1. A Social Media Director should be chosen. They will handle the Youth Council’s Twitter and Facebook pages.
      2. Previously, Kaan Cubukcu suggested that the Youth Council should send out a bimonthly or monthly newsletter.
        1. Aysha Jerald agreed with this point and noted that she would like to take on a bit of this project.
        2. The newsletter will be sent out virtually, and will be the length of one piece of paper.
      3. Council Sessions
        1. The Youth Council will choose a member each month who will present updates about the Youth Council during the Council Sessions.
        2. We should choose liaisons for the various committees around the city.
          1. These Council Members will present updates to the rest of the group.
        3. Leadership Development
          1. Council Member Mike Sullivan suggested that the Youth Council should attend the Kiwanis Leadership Retreat which is based on servant leadership. It will take place during the last weekend of Spring Breaks
        4. Sugar Hill Youth Ambassadors
          1. The Youth Ambassadors will be a group of driven high school students who want to be involved in their communities. They will help to promote events around the city.
            1. Bryn Pugh suggested that meetings will be held on Saturdays for 2 hours. The first hour will be geared toward leadership development, and the second hour will be focused on community service.

Meeting Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:30.


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