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05:30 PM

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Council Chamber

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Minutes of Youth Council-City of Sugar Hill

November 4th, 2015

Call to Order: A quorum meeting of the Youth Council was held in The Council Chambers at the City of Sugar Hill City Hall on October 21, 2015. The meeting convened at 5:06 PM, Youth Council Mayor Bryn Pugh presiding.

Members in Attendance: Bryn Pugh; Amber Nicholson; Taylor Morain; Agam Singh; Roshni Patel; Kaan Cubukcu; Aysha Jerald; Shelby Borek.

Approval of Minutes: No revisions were made to the meeting minutes for October 21st, 2015.

Roshni Patel motions for no further corrections, and Taylor Morain seconds.

Youth Council Reports:

  1. Mayor Bryn Pugh adds Council Reports to the agenda.
    1. Roshni Patel brings up the idea of the Mayors’ Day 2016 Youth Program in January 2016. Since only juniors and seniors are allowed, Kaan Cubucku; Agam Singh; and Shelby Borek are unable to attend.
    2. Aysha Jerald shares a program which her church is participating in: Project Jamaica. The nonprofit organization focuses on sending shoes to children who are unable to attend school without them.
    3. Amber Nicholson attended the Truck or Treat and Zombie 5K event on October 31st, 2015. She reports that children enjoyed this program and that 500-600 people were in attendance.
  2. Robert’s Rules of Order
    1. Varessa Butts shares a video named Robert’s Rules of Order-Mastering the Three Most Important Motions.
    2. The Youth Council reads over Robert’s Rules of Order for Dummies.
    3. Councilmember Mike Sullivan notes that Robert’s Rules of Order are important because we can steer the conversation towards one direction, and that the agenda is very important.
  3. Schedules of Attendance for Council Meetings
    1. Bryn Pugh notified the Council that the Council Work Sessions occur on the first Monday of every month at 7:00 PM in the community room. The Council Meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM in the Council Chambers.
    2. Bryn Pugh will attend the November 9th Council Meeting, Amber Nicholson will attend the December 14th Council Meeting, and Agam Singh and Roshni Patel will attend the Council Work Session on December 7th.
  4. Guest Speakers
    1. Council Members expressed their interest in hearing from local figures such as Mrs. Baker from North Gwinnett, Mr. Jones from Lanier, and Mr. Riley from Lanier.
    2. Varessa Butts and Scott Andrews will make a list of other important figures such as county commissioners for Council Members.
  5. Youth Council Newsletter
    1. Both a enewsletter and print newsletter will be sent out.
    2. Varessa Butts will use her software to send out the newsletter.
    3. Aysha Jerald will serve as editor, and guest authors are a possibility.
    4. The newsletter will be sent out before the December Youth Council Meetings.
    5. Aysha Jerald, Bryn Pugh, Shelby Borek, and Kaan Cubukcu will serve on the board for the Youth Council Newsletter.
  6. Youth Ambassadors Program
    1. The application will be short and simple, and the target is 20 members. No more than 50 people will be admitted.
    2. The Youth Ambassadors Committee- Roshni Patel, Agam Singh, Taylor Morain, and Amber Nicholson- will present an application draft at the next meeting.
  7. Events
    1. The Youth Council will be in charge of two events this year: a Throwback Thursday at the Ice Rink and a Thursdays @ the Hill.
    2. Bryn Pugh, Amber Nicholson, Aysha Jerald, Roshni Patel, and Kaan Cubukcu will serve on the Events Committee.
    3. An additional committee, the Volunteer Committee, was formed. Agam Singh, Amber Nicholson, and Roshni Patel will serve on it.
  8. Toastmasters
    1. Shelby Borek and Roshni Patel gave short speeches.
  9. Meeting Adjournment: The meeting concluded when Agam Singh motioned and Amber Nicholson seconded her motion to end the meeting at 6:38 PM. All were in favor.


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