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05:30 PM

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Council Chamber

Agenda Files:

Minutes of Youth Council-City of Sugar Hill

November 18, 2015

Call to Order: A quorum meeting of the Youth Council was held in The Council Chambers at the City of Sugar Hill City Hall on October 21, 2015. The meeting convened at 5:00 PM, Youth Council Mayor Pro Tem Amber Nicholson presiding.

Members in Attendance: Amber Nicholson; Kaan Cubukcu; Taylor Morain; Roshni Patel; Agam Singh; Aysha Jerald

Approval of Minutes: No revisions are made. Taylor Morain motions to approve the minutes, and Roshni Patel seconds. All were in favor.

Youth Council Reports:

  1. Roshni Patel discusses the plans for the new Sugar Hill Youth Ambassadors program. The applications are set to be sent out on December 4th. They will be due on January 8th, and applicants will be notified of our decisions by January 22nd. The first Youth Ambassadors meeting will occur on February 13th.
  2. Kaan Cubukcu presents the idea of a Maker’s Fair which will be hosted by the Lanier High School CDAT program. They are hoping to make this a citywide event. The event will take place in early spring 2016. Not only are the robotics teams invited, but anyone who wants to share their cool inventions or discoveries are welcome.
  3. Amber Nicholson has created a Twitter and Instagram for the Youth Council.
    1. Twitter: @SH_YouthCouncil
    2. Instagram: @Sugarhill.yc

Epicenter Presentation by Scott Andrews

  1. Score Mentors is a group of retired business professionals who give advice to the younger generation about the workplace.
  2. The Suite Spot is a business incubator which individuals can rent for $40/month. Currently, all spots are full.
    1. A Tech group known as the Root was created through the suite spot, and a group of 5 students from Lanier High School are currently interning there.
  3. The Youth Council was introduced to the Solomon Group Project, an assisted living center; the 7; and the EpiCenter.

Sign up for attending meetings for Sugar Hill groups.

  1. The following are the assignments:
    1. Broad Street Band: Kaan Cubukcu
    2. Arts Commission: Taylor Morain
    3. Historic Preservation Society: Agam Singh
    4. Planning Comission: Bryn Pugh
    5. Sugar Hill Business Alliance: Amber Nicholson and Roshni Patel
    6. The Player’s Guild: Shelby Borek
    7. Downtown Development Authority: Shelby Borek

New News

  1. Aysha Jerald shares her plans for the Newsletter
    1. The Newsletter will include Youth Council Updates, Leadership and Community Service Opportunities, Events in the Local High Schools, and Community Development and Spotlights.
    2. The first Newsletter will have a short segment about the Youth Ambassadors program, and invite others to join the various committees established by the Youth Council.

Meeting Adjournment: The meeting concluded at 6:38 PM. Roshni Patel motions to end the meeting, and Agam Singh seconds. All were in favor.

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