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05:30 PM

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Council Chamber

Agenda Files:

Sugar Hill Youth Council Meeting Minutes


February 3rd, 2016

Call to Order: A quorum meeting of the Youth Council was held in The Council Chambers at the City of Sugar Hill City Hall on February 3rd, 2016 with Youth Council Mayor Pro Temp Amber Nicholson presiding.

Members in Attendance: Agam Singh, Roshni Patel, Taylor Morain, Kaan Cubucku, Aysha Jerald, Amber Nicholson.

Approval of Minutes: The year was changed from 2015 to 2016. Taylor Morain motions to approve with changes, and Agam Singh seconds. Everyone voted in favor.

Council Reports:

 Taylor: We went to several sessions, some hard to understand because we didn’t have background info, but we caught up as the sessions went on. We were able to put names to faces.

Roshni: Senator Renee Unterman, our senator, invited us to visit her during the Congress Session. We are able to follow her around during the day.

Kaan: Lanier Mock Trial was successful. He won best witness, and Taylor Morain won Best Lawyer

Aysha: Favorite Thing, youth program, younger city officials guided us. There will be a draft for the newspaper on February 17th.

Amber: Mayors Day is a good program and she encouraged other council members to attend next year.

Georgia Cities Week

Georgia Cities Week will take place from April 17th-23rd, and the Youth Council will help to plan the Thursdays at the Hill and a guided tour for elementary or middle school kids.

Meeting Adjournment: Taylor Morain motioned to end the meeting at 6:38 PM, and Agam Singh seconded her motion.




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