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05:00 PM

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Council Chamber

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City of Sugar Hill Youth Council



March 30th, 2016

Call to Order: A quorum meeting of the Youth Council was held in The Council Chambers at the City of Sugar Hill City Hall on March 30th, 2016. The meeting convened at 5:09 PM, Youth Council Mayor Bryn Pugh presiding.


Members in Attendance: Taylor Morain; Roshni Patel; Kaan Cubukcu; Shelby Borek; Agam Singh; Amber Nicholson; Mr. Sullivan; Varessa Butts.


Approval of Agenda: Taylor Morain asks to amend the agenda by adding Youth Ambassador Applications before Toastmasters. Mr. Sullivan wants to add a youth ambassador recap to the agenda after Agam Singh motions to approve the agenda as modified. Kaan Cubukcu seconds the motion.


Approval of Minutes: Mr. Sullivan asked for his name and Scott Andrews’ names to be added to the list of members in attendance. Shelby Borek motions to approve the minutes, and Agam Singh seconds the motion.


Youth Council Reports:

  1. Yesterday, Agam Singh helped to organize a leadership conference at Buford High School.
  2. Kaan Cubukcu performed at White Oak Elementary with his band class today.
  3. Sullivan proudly announced that White Oak Elementary School received their STEM certification recently.


Georgia Cities Week:

  • Taylor Morain asked if we could forgo a promotional video, and the other members agreed with her.
  • We will be offering a tour for the Middle Schools and the Elementary Schools.
    • Elementary Schools: come at 5:15, start at 5:30.
      • Amber takes a poll about whether the Youth Council prefers that the Elementary Schoolers start at 5:00 or 5:30.
        • We have decided to go with 5:30.
      • Middle Schools: come at 5:30, tour starts at 5:45
    • April 23rd: Wowee 5K at White Oak Elementary, Varessa mentioned that we host a booth here since it is taking place in conjunction with a Health and Wellness Fair. We are planning on informing citizens about the harmful effects of glass on recycling thanks to an idea brought up by Mr. Sullivan. We are tabling the conversation to the GroupMe.


Youth Ambassadors Application: The Youth Council has approved to admit Benjamin King into the Youth Ambassadors program.


Toastmasters: Kaan Cubukcu spoke on Makersfest.



Meeting Adjournment: Agam Singh motions to end the meeting, and Kaan Cubukcu seconds. The meeting adjourned at 6:32 PM.

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