Historic Preservation Society Meeting Agenda




07:00 PM

Meeting Location:

City Hall History Room

Agenda Files:

Sugar Hill Historic Preservation Society Meeting

Monday, August 15, 2016

Old/Continuing Business:

  1. June 13 City Council Meeting
    1. Resolution for Community Room name change was passed. The room will be called the Sugar Hill History Center- Confirmation room is ‘Center’ and not ‘Museum’…?
  2. Downtown Mural RFP
    1. Erin and Karen are on committee to review proposals
    2. Meeting 9/1 after voting ends.
  • Kile Family Cemetery—Eagle Scout Project
    1. Funds have been accepted. Will be applied to further upkeep of this cemetery
    2. Donation deposit location, City Account or SHHPS? Will need to be factored in Annual budget.
    3. Is DAR involved still since Rachel is no longer in SHHPS?
  1. History Open House
    1. Need to set date. Sept 24th– some have conflicts
    2. New point person
  2. Wine & ‘Shine
    1. City expectations.
    2. Limited involvement due to decreased SHHPS members to be considered.
  3. Cemetery Tour – Brandon and Chris Point people
    1. To take place Oct. 29th
    2. Auditions Aug. 29th and 30th.
    3. Will some or all of money raised go to Church’s cemetery funds?
  • Treasurer’s Report (____________, Treasurer)
    1. Surface Pro purchase statuts,
    2. Kile Cemetery rededication,
    3. Sugar Rush
    4. Cemetery Tour
    5. Brandon- name tag distribution
      1. Need receipts/p.o.s to factor out of budget
    6. Varessa- Polo shirt update
      1. Cost quantity etc.
  • Expenditures
    1. Expenses less than $250 shall be voted by Chair, Vice­Chair, and Secretary, Items less than $100 may be approved by the Chair in an emergency situation
      1. Discuss temporary voting based on SHHPS Board status.
    2. Expenditures over a certain amount shall be approved by majority of Board
      1. Items to be ordered and voted on:
        1. Name tags
          1. Verify cost to factor into budget
        2. T shirts or polos for society members at official events
          1. Final vote for color, cost and quantity.

New Business:

  1. SHHPS openings- President and Treasurer
    1. Recruiting Volunteers
    2. Nominations from attending or Temporary Status recommendations
      1. Chair Person
      2. Treasurer
    3. Communication protocol
      1. Open discussion regarding ‘best practices’ of communicating regarding SHHPS activities etc.
      2. Communication transparency- even with point persons on certain events, still email all SHHPS
      3. Facebook Page updates and Status
        1. Up and coming posts
        2. Stories to potentially include
  • Fact checking
  • Any other discussion?


  1. Important Dates:
    1. 2016 Meeting dates:
      1. 9/19, 10/17, 11/14, and 12/12
    2. 10/15 Sugar Rush and Wine & ‘Shine Festival



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