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05:30 PM

Meeting Location:

Council Chamber

Agenda Files:

Meeting Minutes

City of Sugar Hill

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

City Hall Council Council Chambers, 5:30 PM

5039 West Broad Street

Sugar Hill, GA 30518


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:32 PM.

Members in Attendance: Mayor Taylor Morain, Mayor Pro Temp Aysha Jerald, Kayla Roberts, Kaan Cubukcu, Roshni Patel, Nida Merchant.

Council Meeting:

  • Meeting Agenda:
    • Review Meeting Minutes
    • Council Reports
    • Hembree
    • Sub Groups
    • Sign up for Council Sessions/Meetings
    • Youth Ambassadors
    • Ice Skating
    • Media
    • Tour the Downtown
  • Kaan Cubukcu proposed to remove Number 1 from the agenda and move up Numbers 3-8 to the beginning of the agenda.
  • Council Member Brandon Hembree proposed 2 organizations that have reached out to the City Council.
    • GUIDE is a branch of the Gwinnett County Government that focuses on substance abuse. They have 2 programs that focus on the youth.
      • There are vacancies in the Youth Advisory Board that are open to North Gwinnett, Lanier and Buford. They meet one Monday a month.
      • Georgia Teen Institute is a 4 Day Leadership Retreat that occurs in the summer at Oxford College in Georgia. It is open to rising sophomores and juniors.
    • Gwinnett Technical College’s Horticulture Department would like volunteers to help expand their gardening department. They need help on half of a Saturday and would like for the Youth Council to push this out to other clubs. Lunch and Classes will be provided.
      • Roshni Patel motions to propose the volunteer date on December 3rd, and Kaan Cubukcu seconds this motion.
    • Council Reports:
      • Taylor Morain reported that the Youth Ambassadors had their first meeting this past month.
      • Kaan Cubukcu went to the Board of Education meeting for the department in order to receive the Innovation Award for Lanier High School.
      • Nida Merchant is also a member of the Teen Advisory Council for the Sugar Hill Library, and stated that the Library would like to partner up with the Youth Council for several volunteer opportunities.
    • Subcommittees within the City
      • Aysha Jerald will research the different subcommittees and create a sign up.
    • Youth Ambassadors
      • We need more representation from Lanier and North Gwinnett.
      • We will give the members that came to every meeting a small gift basket.
    • Ice Rink Event
      • The two organizations will plan an event on a weekday that brings in the crowds, especially targeted to the Youth. The month of January is the best option.
    • Media
      • Aysha Jerald would like the Youth Council to continue to push out Social Media to the community.
    • Tour Downtown
      • Will be pushed to the next meeting due to lack of time.

Council Adjournment: Kayla Roberts motioned to end the meeting at 7:13, and Aysha Jerald seconded the motion. All were in favor.

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