Downtown Development Authority Meeting Minutes




06:30 PM

Meeting Location:

City Hall History Room

Agenda Files:

Sugar Hill Downtown Development Authority

Regular Meeting Agenda

November 29th, 2016 | 6:30 PM

City of Sugar Hill City Hall – Community Room


Members Present: Taylor Anderson, Nancy Wren, Marc Orcutt, Nick Thompson, Nic Greene

Staff Present: Troy Besseche, Scott Andrews, Tim Schick

Guests Present: Chasity Tillman, Steve Wilkes, Kent Snyder, Amy Phillips


  1. CALL TO ORDER                                  630pm


  1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA                      Motions Marc, 2nd Nancy Unanimously approved


III.                 MINUTES                                              Motion to approve: Nic G., 2nd Nick Thompson Unanimously approved



  1. Approval of the Minutes of October 25th, 2016 Regular Meeting




  1. Old Business


  1. EpiCenter Project  Staff provided an update on the project’s progress and the timeline for the next steps. The project costs remains between $36 to $39 million dollars, with a payback in the 5-10 year range.


  1. Iconic Project (fka Icon/Seven) Update – Staff provided an update on the project. Staff is satisfied with the design side of the project. There are still some details to work through to finalizing the financing of the project.


  1. Nexus at Sugar Hill Project (fka Sugar Hill Town Center) Update – Staff provided renderings and an update on the Nexus @ Sugar Hill project. Design review for the project is set to go to City Council in December.


  1. Holbrook Project (fka Solomon) Update –  Staff provided an update on the project which is still progressing as planned.


  1. Suite Spot  a) SHBTG update – SHBTG staff provided an update on the cowork membership changes and the City’s first mural which is set to be complete in mid-December.


  1. Downtown Mobility Plan Update –


  1. 2017 Budget Discussion – Staff presented the budget and explained the changes from the previous month’s budget.


  1. New Business


  1. Downtown Cleanup Date – December 10th at 12 PM


  1. City of Sugar Hill Staff Comments  –  None


  1. DDA Member/Officer comments  Marc Orcutt mentioned what a pleasure it has been to work with New South. Taylor: the December DDA meeting will be cancelled due to the holidays.


  1. Budget report


VII. PUBLIC COMMENTS: Steve Wilkes asked about the mail forwarding process from the Suite Spot to City Hall.


VIII. If needed, Executive Session to discuss items, which are exempt from the open meetings act pursuant to O.C.G.A. section 50-14-3.


  1. If needed, public action to be taken as a result of Executive Session


Motion to adjourn: Nick T., 2nd Marc. 7:20pm

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