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07:00 PM

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City Hall History Room

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Sugar Hill Downtown Development Authority
Regular Meeting Minutes
January 17th, 2017 | 7:00 PM |
City of Sugar Hill City Hall – Sugar Hill History Museum
Board Members Present: Karen Harrison, Erin Stachowiak, Joann Burel, Brandon Hembree, Chris Walker
Guests: Steve Wilkes, Elizabeth Orcutt, Lori Ricci,
I. Treasurer report $10,000 for 2017
II. Possible projects for this year, Brainstorming session for 2017
1. Sugar Rush
2. Mural – potential
3. Shadow Boxes
4. Gwinnett Historical Markers
5. Gold Mine Park History
a. Park design under way
b. Future meeting for design charrettes and vision of park
c. Potential negotiations of additional state land.
6. Fundraising opportunities
7. Sugar Hill History Video
8. Family Tree research
9. Cemetery across street – maintenance and gate repair
10. Labels and lighting for cabinets
11. Kyle Benson cemetery maintenance
a. Potential of turning over to Sycamore Elementary
b. Funds would go to Cemetery fund
c. Cemetery possibly to be turned over to the city
d. Potential mapping and documentation of cemetery
III. Meeting’s rescheduled to 3rd Wednesday of every month
I. Other important date
I. February 11th, April 22 work sessions for cabinet documenting and cabinet 9-12.
II. November meeting is ok as scheduled. December to be off City Calendar but, will remain as appreciation dinner.
III. March the 13th at 7:30 City Council meeting annual update
IV. February 4th, 22 acre site tour for Gold Mine Park
IV. Possibility of creating a youth position for the council
V. Chris Walker elected to Chair position of the SHHPS
I. Board Members at large still has vacant openings

End of Meeting

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