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06:30 PM

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City Hall Community Room

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Sugar Hill Downtown Development Authority
Regular Meeting Agenda
January 31st, 2017 | 6:30 PM |
City of Sugar Hill City Hall – Community Room

Members Present: Nic Greene, Taylor Anderson, Brandon Hembree, Allen Jorgensen, Nick Thompson, Nancy Wren, Marc Orcutt
Staff Present: Scott Andrews, Troy Besseche, Frank Hartley, Paul Radford, Kaipo Awana
Guests Present: Representatives from Clark Patterson, Steve Wilkes, Brett Werrbach, Amy Phillips, Chasity Tillman


II. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Motion to approve: Brandon, 2nd Allen. Unanimously approved.


A. Approval of the Minutes of November 29th, 2016 Regular Meeting Motion to approve Allen, 2nd Brandon, Unanimously approved.


A. Old Business

1. EpiCenter Project Clark Patterson staff provided an update on the progress and revised timelines for the Epicenter project. The Structural steel is scheduled for February 2017. The 100% design documents should be complete in the next few weeks. The EpiCenter project is on track to be complete in April/May 2018.

2. Iconic Project (fka Icon/Seven) Update: City Staff provided an update of the progress of the demolition on the project site. The car wash will close in the next few months. The City is in constant communication with JWM and their team to work towards a final price and accessibility agreement on the project. The design documents are projected to be complete by mid-year 2017.

3. Nexus at Sugar Hill Project (fka Sugar Hill Town Center) Update: Staff provided an update on the project that is slotted for the Buice School site. The Nexus project is divided into two components: the residential townhomes, then the separate track is the deck/retail/office mix. The developers would like to close on this project by the end of March.

4. Holbrook Project (fka Solomon) Update: City Staff provided a brief update on the project that is slotted to close in April on the corner of West Broad and Hwy 20. The developer still needs to go to City Council for design review, which will likely take place in May.

5. Suite Spot

a. SHBTG update: SHBTG staff provided an update on the monthly member numbers and presented a proposal for additional services/amenities for suite spot tenants/members. The proposed plan was tabled until next month.

b. Suite Spot Improvement Items: This item is tabled to February 2017.

c. c)Lease and Lease Rates: Discussion was held, but the proposal was tabled to February 2017.

6. Downtown Mobility Plan Update: DDA Chairman provided an update and presented the vision to present a report summary to City Council in March 2017.

B. New Business

1. Election of Officers: Motion for the officers to remain in the current role Nancy, 2nd Allen. Unanimously approved.

2. DDA Training Opportunities: Several DDA members have indicated an interest in the March 31 DDA training at Lake Lanier.

3. Downtown Clean-up Date: Feb 11 from 12-2pm in the next DDA Cleanup.

V. City of Sugar Hill Staff Comments: Staff provided an update on the new 22 acre park that has not officially been announced. This park is along Hwy 20, next to Arbor Clos. An update was also provided on the Sugar Hill Greenway and its continued progress, which is set to begin construction on the first phase this summer.

VI. DDA Member/Officer comments: Staff provided an update on RaceTrac per member request. The coordination of utilities is what has slowed the progress of that project down a bit. Allen is now on the board for the organization that aids in approving 504 loans.

A. Budget report

VII. PUBLIC COMMENTS: Steve Wilkes wanted to remind everyone to the Sugar Hill Business Alliance meeting next Thursday.

VIII. If needed, Executive Session to discuss items, which are exempt from the open meetings act pursuant to O.C.G.A. section 50-14-3.

X. If needed, public action to be taken as a result of Executive Session: No need for executive session

Motion to adjourn: Nancy, 2nd Brandon. Adjourned at 7:52pm.

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