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05:30 PM

Meeting Location:

Council Chamber

Agenda Files:

Meeting Minutes

City of Sugar Hill

Youth Council Meeting

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

City Hall Council Chambers, 5:30 PM

Sugar Hill, GA 30518


Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:34 PM.


Members in Attendance: Mayor Taylor Morain, Kaan Cubukcu, Spencer Williams, Roshni Patel, Nida Merchant and Ethan Shaw


Council Meeting:

  • Meeting Agenda
    • Review Meeting Minutes
    • Council Reports
    • Kim Phillips- North Gwinnett Coop
    • CDAT on Maker’s Fest
    • Meeting with representatives/Suwanee offer update
    • 12 Angry Jurors
    • Float at Macon-Bibb Cherry Blossom Festival
    • Helping out at Sycamore Elementary
    • Updates from Youth Ambassadors Meeting
    • Council Member Projects
      • APP
      • Youth Summit
      • Media
      • Thursdays @ the Hill
      • Cultural Event
      • Rainbow Village
      • Youth Leadership Summit
      • Flower Power
    • Meetings
    • Toastmasters
  • The council approved the Meeting Minutes.
  • Kim Phillips from the NG Coop came to speak the council. She is the executive director. This year, there will be a Spring Break distribution. The Coop holds Summer Distributions where the families can pick up food twice a month. Fundraising opportunities helped to create funds for the summer donations. The Coop recently applied for a community block grant to build a facility next door to their current coop. This was motivated by the goal of providing groceries to a family once a month. The new building will also have a classroom and a computer lab.
  • Nate Stiltner and Analisa Rodriguez, CDAT Members from Lanier, came to speak to the council regarding Maker’s Fest. They are spearheading the event this year. It will be held on April 22, 2017.
  • Number 5 on the agenda was tabled to later on in the meeting.
  • Each council member is encouraged to attend at least one showing of the 12 Angry Jurors which runs on March 17th,18th,24th, and 25th.
  • March 7th and March 8th are two potential days for the shadow day with Rick Clark.
  • Macon-Bibb County will be holding a float on March 26th at 3 PM for the Cherry Blossom Festival.
  • Number 8 and 10 on the agenda will be tabled for the next meeting.
  • The Benton House event will most likely be held on March 22nd.


Adjournment: Ethan Shaw motioned to end the meeting at 7:09 PM, and Nida Merchant seconded this motion.

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