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06:30 PM

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City Hall History Room

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Sugar Hill Downtown Development Authority

Regular Meeting Minutes

February 28th, 2017 | 6:30 PM | City of Sugar Hill City Hall – Community Room

Members present: Taylor Anderson, Allan Jorgensen, Marc Orcutt, Nancy Wren, Nic Greene, Brandon Hembree
Staff Present: Megan Carnell, Troy Besseche, Frank Hartley, Kaipo Awana
Guests: Representatives from Clark Patterson Lee, Amy Phillips, Ashish Bagley, Brett Werrbach, Robert Gilbert

  1. Call to Order 6:30pm
  2. Approval of Agenda
    1. Motion by Allan Jorgensen, 2nd by Nic Greene, unanimously approved.
  • Minutes
    1. Approval of Minutes
      1. Motion by Marc Orcutt, 2nd by Allan Jorgensen, unanimously approved.
    2. Action items and Updates
      1. Old business
        1. EpiCenter Project
          1. CPL Representative overview of project status, engineering cost effective changes, projected opening time is beginning of 2018
          2. Troy Besseche explains the meaning of the new name “E Center” and logo options, overview of current construction taking place
        2. Iconic Project (fka Icon/Seven) Update
          1. Troy Besseche on the City would like to discuss the parking deck and conference center and how it will be paid for (approx. $500,000). JWM will have the financing in place in the next two months to keep this project moving. The city does not want to pay any finance expenses towards these elements such as interest.
  • Nexus at Sugar Hill Project (fka Sugar Hill Town Center) Update
    1. Troy Besseche Newport had to back out on the residential aspect of their project. They were not comfortable with the cost. Bob Krause with Newport was pleased to work with the city and the DDA, and is disappointed to not be able to move forward with Macauley.
  1. Holbrook Project (fka Solomon) Update
    1. Tabled
  2. Suite Spot
    1. SHBTG Update
      1. Staff provided an update for the monthly membership numbers and cosmetic updates. The idea of the new lease terms was brought to the current tenants and only one member said they could not meet the requirements so far. The new lease changes include a minimum 11 days a month present at the offices in the Suite Spot.
      2. Discussion on the proposal from the SHBTG to increase their fees for the services they provide; $1575 to including a printer, copier, snacks. Brandon Hembree motions to approve, Nic Greene 2nd, unanimously approved.
    2. Downtown Mobility Plan Update
      1. No update currently, tabled
    3. New Business
      1. Iconic Project
        1. First Amendment to Purchase and Sale Agreement
          1. Executive Session
        2. Escrow Agreement
          1. Executive Session
        3. Nexus Project
          1. Revised Purchase and Sale Agreement
            1. Ashish Bagley wants to bring on a partner that is aligned with the city and their own plans. Financing should align with all of this as well. Requests to exercise the extension for 30 days, until April 30, 2017, and extend that an additional 30 days until May 30. They would like to exercise the extension for 30 days for the closing until June 30, 2017. Motion by Brandon Hembree, 2nd by Allan, unanimously approved.
  • Holbrook Project
    1. Letter of Intent
      1. Executive Session
    2. Election of Officers
      1. Secretary
        1. Discussion on considering Nigel Gray for Secretary of the DDA. He will be invited to the March meeting to take a vote.
      2. City of Sugar Hill Staff Comments
        1. Troy Besseche, the gateway sign is going up at the end of Alton Tucker, the sign should be up in March. The mock up for the next gateway sign is up and will move to the corner by Homespun.
        2. Kaipo Awana, Racetrac projected timeline is approximately six months, clearing out the property should begin in the next two weeks. March 29th there will be a HWY 20 corridor update, Kaipo will send out an invite.
      3. DDA Member/Officer Comments
        1. Nic Greene, SHBA meeting at 5:30 on March 9th at City Hall
        2. Brandon Hembree, Some members are up for reappointment: Nic, Nancy, Allan, and Nick. The reappointments will happen in a couple weeks, and everyone will swear in at the March 13 City Council meeting.
        3. Taylor Anderson, March 20th at George Pierce Park at 5:30pm to discuss the transportation in the area.
        4. Budget report
          1. Budget report will be emailed out tomorrow
  • Public Comments
  • If needed, Executive Session to discuss items, which are exempt from the open meetings act pursuant to O.C.G.A. section 50-14-3.
    1. Motion by Brandon Hembree, 2nd Allan, unanimously approved.
  1. If needed, public action to be taken as a result of Executive Session.
    1. Motion to leave executive session by Marc Orcutt, 2nd by Nancy Wren, unanimously approved.
    2. Motion for Approval of the First Amendment to purchase and sale agreement to extend the closing of the Iconic until December 31, 2017 and to increase the dollar amount from $600,000 to $1.1M the by Allan Jorgensen, 2nd by Nancy Wren, unanimously approved.
  2. Motion to adjourn by Marc Orcutt, 2nd by Allan Jorgensen, unanimously approved.
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