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07:00 PM

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City Hall History Room

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Sugar Hill Historic Preservation Society

Regular Meeting Minutes

April 19th, 2017 | 7:00 PM |

City of Sugar Hill City Hall – Sugar Hill History Museum

Board Members Present: Karen Harrison, Erin Stachowiak, Joann Burel, Brandon Hembree, Chris Walker, Margaret Neal, Aly Lopez

Guests: Tiffany Hale Carter, Darrell Pruitt, Scott Andrews

  1. Treasurer report $10,000 for 2017
  2. Walking tour of Buice School
    1. No Public Tour scheduled
    2. SHHPS will go through to recover items for museum
  • Will coordinate with S. Andrews for tour time
  • Historical markers
    1. Will be anywhere from $5000 and up from Gwinnett Heritage Center
      1. Attempt to schedule a presentation by the Gwinnett Heritage center prior to sign company selection
    2. $1600 and up, for Sewah Studios
  • Several options for sign locations
  1. Memorial Day Event
    1. Board Voted to assist The SAR and DAR to have a memorial day event
    2. Add Veteran Section to cabinet
  • Wreath Laying
  1. #SugarHillHeros Will come up with other ideas for #’s
  2. Ideas for identifying Sugar Hill residents
  3. Flags for the fallen to represent those lost in war
  1. Cemetery
    1. City of Sugar Hill to assume Maintenance and management of the cemetery
    2. Documentation of Cemetery is in ill form and will need to be organized before new plots can be sold
  • Fencing to surround the entire property eventually
  1. Master Plan will need to be done to determine updates of the property and upkeep needed
  2. Kyle Benson cemetery to potentially be under the same ‘jurisdiction’ if annex is approved.
  3. Will eventually be re-named
  1. Sugar Rush
    1. October 21st 2017
    2. Cemetery tours in conjunction
      1. Online ticket sales and in person
      2. Timeslots to be coordinated
  • Have characters in costume handing out fliers.
  1. Will need to verify quantity of characters
  1. Margaret Neal newest Board Member

End of Meeting

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