Downtown Development Authority Meeting Minutes Special Called




03:30 PM

Meeting Location:

City Hall History Room

Agenda Files:

Sugar Hill Downtown Development Authority

Special Called Meeting Agenda June 14th, 2017 | 3:30 PM

City of Sugar Hill City Hall – Community Room


Members Present:          Marc Orcutt, Taylor Anderson, Nick Thompson, Nic Greene, Brandon Hembree, Nancy Wren, Nigel Gray, Allen Jorgensen

Staff Present:                    Paul Radford, Tim Schick, Steve Durden, Scott Andrews, Troy Besseche, Lee Thompson

Guests Present:               Several members of the public were present


  1. CALL TO ORDER: 3:30pm


  1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion Allen, 2nd Marc

III.                 PUBLIC COMMENTS:     None.




  1. Old Business
  2. Dogwood Forest Project: Al Holbrook gave an update on the Dogwood Forest project, along with updated renderings and the latest statistics on the facility.
  3. Inducement Resolution: The inducement resolution was presented to the DDA and the group was permitted any questions. The group was reminded that 20% of the facility has to be reserved for residents in the area that fall below the median income in Sugar Hill.
    1. A Motion to authorize the resolution was carried by vote: Nic Thompson (moved), Brandon Hembree (seconded). Unanimously approved.


  1. b) Development Agreement Amendment: A Motion to allow the chairman to enter into a purchase and sale agreement to match the terms of the bond closing, with a closing date to not extend beyond December 15 was carried via vote: Brandon Hembree (moved), Nick Thompson (seconded). Unanimously approved.


  1. Suite Spot


  1. Renovations Agreement: Marc Orcutt gave an update of what the pricing would cost to add 4 more dedicated spaces, and move all the desks upstairs. Repairs would take approximately 4 weeks starting on date of approval. Improvements are expected to yield a 10-month payback. A Motion to move forward with the desk purchase, file cabinets, and painting of the upstairs, not to exceed $6600 was carried via vote. Brandon Hembree (moved), Nic Green (seconded). Marc Orcutt (recuse). Approved 4-1.


  1. Motion to adjourn (4:00 PM) by Nic Green, seconded by Allen Jorgensen. Motion carried unanimously by vote.


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