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06:30 PM

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City Hall Community Room

Agenda Files:

Sugar Hill Downtown Development Authority
Regular Meeting Agenda

April 25th, 2017 | 6:30 PM | City of Sugar Hill City Hall – Community Room

Members Present: Taylor Anderson, Brandon Hembree, Allen Jorgensen, Marc Orcutt, Nick Thompson, Nancy Wren
Staff Present: Tim Schick, Scott Andrews, Paul Radford, Lee Thompson, Megan Carnell
Guests Present: Davis Hunt, Rebecca Keefer – Staff from Clark Patterson Lee, Steve Wilkes, Amy Phillips, Staff from the Nexus Development


II. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Motion Allen, 2nd Marc. Unanimously passed.


A. Approval of the Minutes of March 28th, 2017 Regular Meeting Motion Brandon, 2nd Allen. Unanimously approved.



A. Old Business
1. E Center Project (fka EpiCenter) Rebecca from Clark Patterson provided an update on the next steps for the E Center, the current schedule is on pace even with rain delays, and the project is expected to cost $41 million dollars upon completion. Rebecca also briefed the group on upcoming milestones for the project such as the interiors and FF&E. Staff also provided a visual display on the E Center construction. Staff displayed the final 5 renderings for the E Center project. Staff also mentioned that the Splash Park will open again this Saturday for the season.

2. Iconic Project (fka Icon/Seven) Update: Staff provided an update that the City continues to meet with JWM Ventures regarding the discussion for the ground lease for the Iconic project. There are still several financing elements of the project that are progressing.

3. Nexus at Sugar Hill Project (fka Sugar Hill Town Center) Update Representatives from the Nexus project spoke and there was discussion on the partners they are meeting with on the mixed use element of the project. A 60 day extension on the project would take the project benchmarks to the end of August.

a. Development Agreement Amendment Motion to extend the current project agreements on the May/June agreements 60 days until the end of August. Motion by Nick Thompson, 2nd Marc. No discussion. Unanimously approved.

4. Holbrook Project (fka Solomon) Update – Staff provided a brief update and allowed Davis Hunt to speak to the group on the project.

A: Development Agreement Amendment: Added to agenda Brandon, 2nd Allen, unanimously approved to add to agenda. Mr Hunt requested a 90 day extension, with a 30 extension upon Solomon’s discretion, and an additional 30 days on top of that can be mutually requested. Members Thompson and Anderson expressed their hesitation to allow too many more extensions as Time/Value/Money should be considered with how long Solomon has been under development agreement.

Motion to allow the developer a 90 day extension, with a 30 extension upon Solomon’s discretion, and an additional 30 days on top that can be mutually requested. Motion Marc, 2nd Nick, Unanimously approved.

5. Suite Spot

a. SHBTG update SHBTG staff gave an update that the facility is totally leased out, on new leases, and on automatic monthly billing. Attendance and usage in up at the Suite Spot due to the new improvements.

6. Election of Officers

a. Secretary – Nigel Gray was not present but is interested in serving as the Secretary. Motion to appoint Nigel: Brandon, 2nd Allen. Unanimously approved.

B. New Business
1. Dogwood Forest Project:

a. Letter of Intent: The MOU was discussed at the previous meeting, staff provided an update explaining the next steps for the Development. A visual aid was displayed on a similar project in Grayson. Mr Thompson asked Davis Hunt for some specifics on the project. Davis Hunt elaborated that there will be 74 assisted living units, 25 memory care units, roughly 108 units in total.

VI. City of Sugar Hill Staff Comments: Staff provided an update on the communities’ warm reception to the E Center renderings, gateway signage and the recent AJC article on our event lineup.

VII. DDA Member/Officer comments: No comments from all members except Councilmember Hembree. Mr. Hembree spoke about the City possibly taking on the management and responsibility for the Sugar Hill Cemetery.

A. Budget report: Motion to accept the budget report: Allen, 2nd Brandon. Unanimously approved.

VIII. If needed, Executive Session to discuss items, which are exempt from the open meetings act pursuant to O.C.G.A. section 50-14-3.

Motion to go into Executive Session: Marc, 2nd Allen. 7:45pm

IX. If needed, public action to be taken as a result of Executive Session – Executive session adjourned at 8:13pm Motion to adjourn Brandon, 2nd Marc. Meeting adjourned at 8:14pm.

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