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05:30 PM

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City of Sugar Hill Youth Council Session

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 5:30 P.M.

City Hall Executive Office

5039 West Broad Street, Sugar Hill, GA 30518


Members in Attendance: Spencer Grace Williams, Kaan Cubukcu, Ethan Shaw, Nida Merchant, Camryn Flores, Laura Ann Acker, Maya Chande, Camden Doker

Meeting called to order at 5:31 pm.

Kaan motioned to approve the meeting minutes as corrected, and Camden seconded the motion.


Council Reports

  • Nida is holding a leadership meeting for the Youth Ambassadors to discuss specifics beforehand
  • Kaan attended the meeting last Thursday for the Livable Cities Initiative. They deal with transportation (traffic, pedestrians, and everything inbetween). The first meeting was mostly a discussion, taking stock of opinions and issues worth raising.
  • Ethan helped facilitate the Lanier High School Marching Band’s unofficial Wombat merchandise, and raised just under $200 for charity from the surplus.


Sugar Hill Election News

The vote for the contested seat on the city council ended 89% in favor of Taylor Anderson. Varessa said that the city had a turnout of around 450 voters, including our own council member Kaan. He described the process to council, all of us too young to vote ourselves.


There will be an LCI Workshop on December 6th, from 6:00 to 7:30. All Youth Council Members invited and expected.


Major Adams Discussion

  • The council caught up Kaan and Nida, both of whom missed all or most of the meeting last week.
  • The council decided to pursue a visit to the Gwinnett Precinct, sometime in spring 2018 if possible.


Tree Lighting

  1. The Tree Lighting will take place on December 2nd.
  2. Budget will be around $160
    1. Important to collect money- need to at least break even & $160 isn’t a ton
  3. Advertise around the high schools!
    1. Talk to Andy Cole about school announcements
  4. Nida & the YA have compiled a list of potential games and activities for the event, which the YC has edited and discussed:
    1. Cookies Decorating
    2. Fortune teller booth from last year
    3. Giant Jenga
      1. With Cardboard boxes instead of the loud wooden blocks
    4. Music
      1. Band kids busk outside the front of city hall, donations to Charity
      2. Talk to Madison & band teachers
      3. Coordinate with students & schedules- scoop volunteers for YA
    5. Letters to Santa
      1. Santa will mail back!
      2. Parent questionnaire while kids are writing the letter

Ethan had the idea of a Christmas Carol Karaoke- extrapolated to a Teen Karaoke night via the city! More information tbd.


Ethan motioned to table the election pitches, and Kaan seconded the motion.

Council members left to present: Camden, Nida, Kaan, Camryn, Maya, Laura Ann


At 6:57, Ethan motioned to adjourn the meeting, and Kaan seconded the motion.

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