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05:30 PM

Meeting Location:

Council Chamber

Agenda Files:

City of Sugar Hill Youth Council Session

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 5:30 P.M.

City Hall Art Gallery,

5039 West Broad Street

Sugar Hill, GA 30518


Members in Attendance: Spencer Grace Williams, Kaan Cubukcu, Ethan Shaw, Camryn Flores, Laura Ann Acker, Camden Doker


Meeting called to order at 5:33 pm.

Kaan motioned to approve the meeting minutes as corrected, and Camden seconded the motion.


Council Reports

  • Kaan has been invited out to Smyrna to visit Scott Andrews’ new youth council, and will be going along with Ethan Monday the 15th to meet them.
  • Camryn is holding an ice skating event on Monday the 15th
  • Laura Ann is further coordinating with Makerfest
  • Camden got in touch with Andy Cole and confirmed that if we get a script to him, he can start doing regular announcements.
  • Spencer Grace talked to Madison with planning commission about the music/busking around the front of the city hall during the tree lighting and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t feasible.


Mike shared the news that Maya Chande has resigned from the youth council due to conflicts with a university internship program. After conversation, the Youth Council decided to move forward with electing a new member as soon as possible.


Buford Holiday Parade:

  • On December 2nd at around noon, on the day of the tree lighting, and of the Children’s Healthcare Parade, the city of Buford is doing a parade as well. Mike suggested that someone from the council or ambassadors would attend as an analysis of the risks/rewards associated with hosting a small-town parade.
  • As the marching band members will be at their own parade, either Nida, Laura Ann, or Camden have to attend if the council wants to have a presence.


With some Youth Ambassadors present, the Council finalized plans for Tree Lighting:

  • Due to time constraints on the day of and prior experience with event preparation, the council decided to hold a preparatory meeting on Tuesday the 28th from 4:30 to 8:30.
  • The Women’s Club is holding a holiday market underneath the parking deck, so our booths will have to be located in some of the bowl suites.
  • Need christmas lights and signs, tinsel and misc decorations, wrapping paper
  1. Letters to Santa – 1 for $3, 2 for $5
    1. Need paper, envelopes, writing materials, paper clips
    2. Varying sizes for kids, half or quarter sheet for parents
  2. Fortune Teller Elf – $1
    1. Refrigerator box
      1. Home Depot might supply box of ample size
  3. Giant Jenga – Free
    1. Composed of soda can boxes instead of wooden bricks
      1. Still in need of 14 boxes
      2. High quantity of wrapping paper
      3. Need filler material – styrofoam or sand
  4. Cookie Decorating – $1
    1. Walmart cookie packs
    2. Quantity up to Varessa
  • Excess profits will go to the North Gwinnett Co-op.
  • Strongly encourage dressing up


At 7:03, Kaan motioned to adjourn the meeting, and Ethan seconded the motion.

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