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05:30 PM

Meeting Location:

Council Chamber

Agenda Files:

City of Sugar Hill Youth Council Session

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 5:30 P.M.

City Hall Council Chambers,

5039 West Broad Street

Sugar Hill, GA 30518


Members in Attendance: Spencer Grace Williams, Kaan Cubukcu, Ethan Shaw, Nida Merchant, Camryn Flores, Camden Doker


Meeting called to order at 5:37 pm


Council Reports:

  • Camden, while looking around on the Sugar Hill website, noticed some errors that he’s going to get fixed.
  • Nida ran the second Youth Ambassador meeting yesterday, and they made some plans in terms of the budget for the event. They’re also going to disseminate some flyers to spread information. The Youth Ambassador Leaders have been doing phenomenally, and Nida explained to the council about attendance and challenged the group to invite some new members. She also got approval to pass out Red Ribbon stickers from the NGHS administration.
  • Ethan got approval from the LHS administration to pass out Red Ribbon stickers, and extended the invitation of the GSMST MUN to attend one of their meetings. They are every Tuesday at 3:30 at GSMST.
  • Spencer mentioned that the LHS Senior night is October 27th, and invited the council members not in participation to attend.


Spencer noted that there was a string of random characters appended to last week’s meeting minutes.

Nida motioned to approve the changes, and Kaan seconded the motion.


Red Ribbon week updates:

  • The ribbon stickers have been shipped.
  • We will distribute them at the schools as soon as possible.
  • It was noted that Red Ribbon week is October 23-27th.
  • Lanier is going to make a poster and some informational flyers, advertising Red Ribbon Week, the YC, and the YA
  • Lanier is also going to pass out stickers during academy time, should they come in the day before B day.


In regards to events in the city:

  • Varessa is interested in increasing youth participation in Sugar Rush.
    • As far as attractions go, the council came to the agreement that getting influencers (like athletes) to do some sort of competitive activity (cornhole tournament? faux-uniforms?) in order to draw crowds that stick around.
    • Nida brought up how Suwannee gets the school’s clubs involved, giving them all booths, etc. at events.
    • Camden brought up how Suwannee advertises around red lights.
    • There are graveyard tours going on; the city, for pr reasons, cannot advertise it.


Ethan gave his mock city council campaign speech and discussed his points with the council.


At 7:07, Kaan motioned to adjourn the meeting, and Camden seconded the motion.

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