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06:30 PM

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City Hall Community Room

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Sugar Hill Downtown Development Authority – Unofficial

Regular Called Meeting Minutes November 28th, 2017 | 6:30 PM

City of Sugar Hill City Hall – Community Room


Members Present:        Allen Jorgensen, Marc Orcutt, Nigel Gray, Taylor Anderson, Jack Wolfe

Staff Present:               Kaipo Awana, Paul Radford, Troy Besseche, Brandon Hembree, Tim Schick, Megan Carnell


Guests Present:              Several members of the public were present including Rebecca Kiefer.


  1. CALL TO   ORDER –  6:35 PM
  2. APPROVAL OF   AGENDA –Approval of the agenda was postponed because there was not a quorum.
    1. Approval of the Minutes of October 24th, 2017 Special Called Meeting was postponed because there was not a quorum.
    1. Compliments
    1. Old Business
      1. Iconic Project: (fka Icon/Seven) Update – Discussions on this project were convened during executive session.
      2. E Center Project: (fka EpiCenter) – Rebecca Kiefer of Clark Patterson Lee gave an update on project progress: No changes to the schedule from last month. Some decisions are being made on the graphics package and the interiors package. Theater seating going out for fabrication. No November delays so far. We now have a GMP on the project. Upcoming Brick on Mixed Use building, and structural steel framing on the Gymnasium. The crane is expected to move offsite next month. Installation of Rooftop equipment on the Theater is expected to continue next month. During discussions from the DDA it was mentioned that we expect to have controlled access for 99 parking spaces underneath the buildings. We are pushing for 400 seats in the theater, currently we are at 395.
      3. Broadstone at Sugar Hill Project: (fka Nexus Sugar   Hill   Town   Center) – Paul gave an update: we are continuing to work with Steven McCauley. We should expect three new purchase and sale agreements for the DDA to sign coming in December. Goal for construction start is end of 2nd QTR of 2018.
      4. Holbrook Project: (fka Solomon) Update – Solomon Group is having trouble getting funding for the project. They are contemplating giving the project back to DDA for decision making and possible sending it to bid.
      5. Dogwood Forest:   Project Update – Working with Solomon Group. We are now at Construction Documents. Our desire is to start construction on 7/1/2018. The Cost is turning out to be $225/sq. ft. ($40 M – $50 M)
      6. RaceTrac Project Update: This project is Complete and will be taken from the list going forward.
      7. Suite Spot
        1. SHBTG update – Some paint work is being done inside the building. The second Mural is over 50% complete. 2/3 of premium spaces are available, it was suggested that we do something deliberate in January to attract more folks to the Suite Spot. The E-Center when it is finished has the potential of bringing more people to the Suite Spot. We might want to look at revamping the marketing material that is put out for the venue (interior vs exterior). Another suggestion was to have target mailing campaign to Sugar Hill home based-business.
      8. New Business: No new business discussed at this meeting.
    2. City of Sugar Hill Staff Comments
      1. Troy – The PIB sidewalk project is underway – there are places where it adjoins the greenway project. We finished some improvements to section-A of the bowl, there will be ongoing improvements going forward. The Gateway sign project is complete. Next location will be at the other side of Broad Street. Gold Mine Park project is still in planning stages. Greenway project is still in easement acquisition.
      2. Paul – Taylor got elected to city council (congratulations). City Council is prepared to adopt the budget at their next meeting.
      3. Megan – Just finished our last of the concert series. Holiday celebration on Saturday. Ice Rink is open and will be until February. We should have 7 concerts next year along with what will be scheduled for the E-Center. Tomorrow will be having Volunteer Appreciation Night at the Ice Rink Starting at 4:30 until 7:30/or later. We had a great year at the Bowl thanks to Megan et al.
  • DDA Member/Officer comments
    1. No comments.
    2. Budget Report – Provided by Jack. Motion to approve the budget was postponed until we have a quorum.
  • The DDA decided to enter executive session.
  1. Adjourn at 8:16 PM


Note: We will not have a regular December meeting due to the Christmas holidays. Watch the website for a special called meeting in December.


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