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07:00 PM

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City Hall History Room

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Sugar Hill Historic Preservation Society

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

7:00 PM

City of Sugar Hill City Hall – History Room


  1. Introductions
  2. a) Welcome our newest guests Holli Stouffer, Shannon Jarrus, and Ethan Shaw.


  1. Latest developments on the Historic Sugar Hill Cemetery.
  2. a) Brandon will have documents for SHHPS members to review. Margaret and Darrell are available to discuss and answer any questions.


III. Installation of the Historic Sugar Hill Cemetery marker.

  1. a) Ceremony to be held with members of the Sugar Hill Church and Pastor Chuck at a date yet to be determined.


  1. Consideration of Marker #3 for Old City Hall (soon to be 50 years old).
  2. a) Historic marker will highlight the past (City Hall) and present (The Suite Spot) with a

brief description of the 2 murals. The building is the oldest on Mainstreet.


  1. Special Guest Ethan Shaw will discuss the opportunity to provide middle school students

with a history related guided tour of the city in conjunction with Georgia Cities Week.


  1. SHHPS input for a “History Wall” that will be located in the Theater located at the E Center


  1. a) From Troy Besseche and the Design Team:

“The City of Sugar Hill is developing a historic wall display to be housed in the newly-constructed Eagle Theater located in the E Center Complex adjacent to City Hall. The city would like to obtain historic photos of businesses and additional information about the owners/operators, type of business, and the years of operation. In addition, photos of historic events, churches, and schools to help us tell the story of the development of our city to our visitors and future residences.”


VII. SHHPS Higgin’s Bicycle Project

  1. a) The economic development team contacted me in search of a vintage bicycle to hang in the E Center. I explained not only do I have vintage bicycles, I have the frame and badge to a Huffman Nation (Post WWII) that the Society discovered on the Higgins Property on Hwy 20. I later found that this was the childhood bicycle of Jerry Higgins. The city would like to display a slightly restored version of the bike and its story at the E Center in April.


VIII. Shannon Jarus’s discovery and donation of the Robinson Chrysler-Plymouth ledger.


  1. Brandon Hembree will be doing a presentation on gold mining in Sugar Hill, Wednesday

March 14 at 6 PM at the Gwinnett Public Library. The event is in conjunction with Gwinnett’s

Bicentennial Celebration.

  1. a) Discuss other ways that SHHPS can get involved with the Bicentennial Celebration…

“Who is Enoch Benson?”.

  1. SHHPS needs to fill its Secretary position for 2018


  1. Any further discussion?

XII. Conclusion of Meeting.

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