Arts Commission Meeting Minutes




06:00 PM

Meeting Location:

City Hall Community Room

Agenda Files:

Present: Chairman Marc Cohen, Secretary Megan Carnell, Arts Commissioner Joyce Cutchins, Arts Commissioner Terry Mulligan, Arts Commissioner Wendy Green, city staff member Kaipo Awana, city staff member Nicole Klein, city staff member Scott Andrews, guest Kerry Murphy, guest Jenny Osiek, guest John Lane.


APPROVAL OF AGENDA Motion by Terry Mulligan, 2nd by Joyce Cutchins, all in favor

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Arts Commission Meeting April 12, 2016  – Modification of minutes needed to add Susan Bacon to attendance list. Motion by Wendy Green, 2nd by Joyce Cutchins, all in favor.

PUBLIC COMMENTS Doors project discussion—the city could do the “Doors to Homes & Hope” project on our own.  John Lane—Artios has senior projects on display at Buford Theater 5/15/16.


a. Membership – Proposals to fill vacant post i. Chairman will ask Member Susan Bacon to step down due to absences. Recommendations to fill the space, John Lane or Kerry Murphy.  ii. Nicole Klein will take over as secretary for Megan Carnell.

b. Recap Discussion Sessions i. Jenny Osiek and Megan Carnell will coordinate use of stencils on sidewalks for art.  ii. Wendy Green will reach out to local artists to come to Thursdays @ the Hill.  iii. Artios can work on projects for AC members to lead 1. Trolls in parks 2. Fairies in parks 3. Something at concerts 4. Frogs throughout the city

c. Sugar Rush i. Adding a pumpkin painting station  ii. Large signs to lead people to art show area iii. Cake decorating station to go along with “sugar” theme iv. Megan & Wendy will finalize application and put it online.  v. Get a sponsor tent and auction off student artwork, silent auction on gift baskets



a. Discuss one to two year goals for Arts Commission.  Are we cultural or public art focused or multiple focuses? i. Send out a survey monkey and create a focus from community feedback. ii. Do not limit the scope of the type of art iii. Create a mission statement to help achieve our goals—creative culture in downtown, economic development driver, etc. should be considered in statement.  iv. Survey at events v. Plan a city charrette like Suwanee did for feedback.

b. Reports/ announcements by Arts Commissioners. i. Wendy will look for new Suite Spot artist c. Reports/ announcements by staff i. Scott Andrews—scout out surrounding cities’ events ii. Kaipo Awana—recommends talking with members and their post positions publicly at the next meeting.  iii. Recommendation to discuss more in emails between meetings to allow for a more productive meeting with action being taken.

 ADJOURNMENT 7:28pm, motion by Terry Mulligan, 2nd by Joyce Cutchins, all in favor.

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