Arts Commission Meeting Minutes




06:00 PM

Meeting Location:

City Hall Art Gallery

Agenda Files:

In Attendance: Chairman John Lane, Members Terry Mulligan, Kerry Murphy and Marc Cohen, Vice Chair Victoria Gonzalez, Guests Chris Walker and Dorothy Floyd, Hudson and Jaden (NGHS students), and city staff member Megan Carnell

CALL TO ORDER  6:08pm 

APPROVAL OF AGENDA         Motion by Victoria Gonzalez, 2nd by Marc Cohen, all in favor

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Arts Commission Meeting July 12, 2016

  1. Change “March” to Marc” in minutes
  2. Motion to approve by Marc Cohen, 2nd by Victoria Gonzalez, all in favor



  1. Artios reimbursement- submit receipts for reimbursement?
    1. John Lane has not submitted receipts; no action taken
  2. Thursdays at the Hill follow-up
    1. Thursdays @ the Hill was cancelled
  3. Goals – Discuss survey results and set some goals as an outline for a work plan over the next one to two years. Discussed surveys and possible monthly exhibition.
  4. Artist of the Month; motion to start in September by Victoria, 2nd by Terry, all in favor
    1. Zane Brock interested in being Artist of the Month
    2. Victoria will reach out and get it organized
  5. Name Tags – Approve $102.70 purchase for name tags
    1. Motion to approve by Victoria, 2nd by Kerry
  6. DDA Acquisition of artwork for Suite Spot
    1. $3000 approved
    2. Need new proposed show list – volunteers? – Would like more modern work for downstairs, DDA members may attend shows and assist in decision making.
    3. Discussion, no action taken


  1. Oath of Office
    1. All but Wendy and Joyce signed
  2. Sugar Rush
    1. Megan requests assistance in recruiting art vendors to participate
    2. All commission members agree to reaching out to groups & individuals
    3. Kerry will go to Tannery Row and NG Arts Association, Chris will talk with friends and possibly participate, John will get students involved
  3. Mural Update
    1. Two finalists have been decided
    2. Unclear what involvement the selection committee will have from here on out
    3. Funding and processes will be decided through DDA
    4. No action taken
  4. Next Arts Commission Event/ Sugar Hill Art Gallery
    1. Discussion of doing a reception at the September 29th commission meeting in the evening
    2. This will encourage guests to stay and participate in group discussions
    3. Victoria and Dorothy will take on this project




  1. Reports/ announcements by Arts Commissioners.
    1. Marc – discussion of increasing funding for projects
    2. Discussion to create committees to engage and put on events and projects with groups in conjunction with the commission.
  2. Reports/ announcements by staff.
  3. Public Comments
    1. Hudson and Jaden—project supporting Broadway Cares (AIDS awareness) with their high school performance.
    2. Possibly do a short performance at Sugar Rush to help fundraise and sell tickets to their show
    3. Chris Walker—Zombie Run/ cemetery tout coming up on October 29th
    4. Joint project with SHHPS and Players Guild doing historic tales in the cemetery


ADJOURNMENT            Motion to adjourn at 7:18pm by Victoria, 2nd by Kerry, all in favor

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