Dawn P. Gober Community Plaza

The Dawn P. Gober Community Plaza is approximately 17,600 square feet and is designed with green artificial turf, red brick pavers and landscaped islands. It backs up to the VIP suites in The Bowl and to the Splash Park. The Splash Park is 60-foot in diameter and boasts 21 zones, 42 arch spray nozzles and 28 vertical spray nozzles. The water fountains are accompanied by 93 color-changing LED lights. The center fountain is made up of a cluster or 6 large nozzles and 20 small spray heads. The cascading nozzles produce a large pyramidal column of white, aerated water. The Splash Park also includes specialized controls that allow for programmed choreographed water and light sequencing, making it a Splash Park by day and a colorful choreographed fountain by night. Parents and friends can enjoy watching the fountain from the adjacent Family Plaza while sitting at one of eight picnic tables nestled under four large shade sails. 

Splash Park cannot be rented or reserved and is on a first-come-first-served basis.

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