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About the Sugar Hill Public Works Department

The City of Sugar Hill Street/Public Works Department duties include: cleaning the litter from city streets, cut and maintain the grass on 67 acres of right-of-way, provide maintenance on 69 miles of City streets, pick up of grass clippings, leaves and yard debris (which represented almost 2400 loads in 2011), chip tree limbs and trimmings (220 loads in 2011) and haul off yard debris to construction and development materials landfill (206 loads in 2011).

The department also facilitates our annual three (3) times a year mosquito abatement spraying, while maintaining the City’s fleet of 40 vehicles and heavy equipment and the City’s closed landfill. The team is also the first to respond and support City efforts after storms as well as assisting other City departments with construction projects which saves the taxpayers a significant amount of money by using in-house resources.

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Contact Information

Public Works Department
1498 Hillcrest Drive
Sugar Hill, GA 30518

Office Hours:
Mon - Fri, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
Phone: (770) 271-2137

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