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Jane Whittington
City Hall
5039 West Broad Street
Sugar Hill, GA 30518
Phone: (770) 945-6716

Nancy Dutton

5039 West Broad Street
Sugar Hill, GA 30518
Phone: (770) 945-6716

For Occupation Tax questions, please email us at

The City of Sugar Hill is committed to conducting City business in a manner that complies with all legal requirements, fosters citizen confidence in City government, and promotes efficient and effective governmental operations. The City recognizes the importance of communicating information to citizens and other interested parties and will cooperate in supplying requested information which is considered a matter of public record.

In accordance with the Open Records Act, the City of Sugar Hill has three business days to respond to your request.  It is important to note that a response does not necessarily mean the records will be available within that timeframe because some records are not readily accessible. In these instances, a timeline will be provided as to when the records are expected to be available.

You will receive a written notice along with an estimated cost to fulfill this request giving an option to proceed, amend or withdraw your request.  Proceeding with the request means you accept responsibility for all applicable charges, as allowed by the Open Records Act.  The final cost will be provided when the request has been completed and it may include:  copying charges of .10 per page, administrative charges for search, retrieval, and other direct administrative costs.  The City must provide at least fifteen (15) minutes free for search and retrieval and after that, the hourly charge, which is imposed, shall not exceed the salary of the lowest paid employee who has the necessary skill and training to carry out the request.

The Georgia Open Records Act (O.C.G.A. § 50-18-70-77) requires that all public records, except those prohibited or specifically exempted by court order or by law, be open for personal inspection by any citizen of Georgia at a reasonable time and place.

In accordance with the provisions of the Open Records Act found in O.C.G.A. §5o-18-71(b) designate the following Open Records Officers to receive requests on behalf of the City and all of its departments (including but not limited to: Administration, Planning & Zoning, Streets & Sanitation, Gas Utility, Human Resources, Finance, Courts, Information Technology, Economic Development, Risk Management):

(1) City Clerk (Jane Whittington, City Clerk –

All Open Records Requests should be submitted during regular business hours;
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. 5 p.m.

For additional information and questions regarding open records, please call the City Clerk at 770-945-6716, email at, or visit City Hall, located at 5039 West Broad Street, Sugar Hill, Georgia 30518

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